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Nude Figure in cyan, magenta, yellow and black fountain pen on gloss paper.

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee! White gel on black card. In my shop, of course.

Teapot laser engraved on cedar single. About 10x16cm. Used my software to generate SVG. it’s kitschy. I don’t care. It’s been a disappointing week of things tried and failing and blowing things up. Here’s a small pleasing success. Maybe I’ll shellac it tomorrow.

Rose squiral skull. Fountain pen on card. Human skull drawing.

Black gel on metallic paper. Cow skull. Have you seen the new plots for February in my shop?

Abstract. Could be a tree. Green and black fountain pen on card.

Mountains and lake, in theory. Blue ballpoint absolutely railed into heavy card stock. New prints in my store.

Alpine trail, process colour fineliner markers. By the way, I’ve updated my shop with 33 new prints!

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