Hi friends, on this International Transgender Day of Visibility, just a note that I'm trans-nonbinary. And you can see me!

Trans people are everywhere! If that thought makes you uncomfortable, you may be infected with the Patriarchius Capitolisium disease. Seek help!

Also, gender is a social construct! We made it up! And what it means has changed, and will change over time!

And, other people's physical and genetic sexual traits are never, ever, your business. Don't ask! It's so rude. 1/2


Also, when someone tells you who they are and/or what pronouns to use, believe them & respect that. You do not have the right to question, or doubt, someone else's self-claimed gender identity. Mind your manners!

Do you want to know what the trans agenda is? It's this: having friends & lovers, having a job, having a safe place to live, having health care. A decent cup of coffee.

The same agenda YOU have! Is that so scary? Nope!

Be kind! fin/2

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