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🎨 Hello, I'm Sean, a full time currently doing work with plotters -- robots for .

🤖 The commands for the robots -- which I've designed and built -- come from my software. Photos and geometric shapes are converted to pen strokes and drawn on real paper with fountain pens, gel pens, markers, etc.

🛒 I have an online store at with original, yet affordable, pieces of my art.

🏠 I live in Toronto with my partner, roommate and two cats.

Oops plot: I was hoping for a little less saturated red. For a nice sunset. Instead of a nuclear hellscape. Ballpoints on A4.

Oops plot…. Kind of a mess, really. Pen blotches. Too dense. Isn’t saying anything to me.

Pen ran out. To be fair there wasn’t much more to go, but still. A4. If I said it was perfect you’d believe me, no?

Counter rotations. Black fountain pen (I think) on A4. I like this, I should probably make some more, larger.

Oops plots continue: technically fine, this lacked the oomph I wanted; the final version was green on black.

Oops plots continue: A large plot with chunky markers. I still don’t know if I like it. It’s not as vibrant as I hoped.

In the evenings for the next while I’m going to share plots I didn’t like. This one, the pen was weird and drew darker traveling on certain directions. It’s an interesting effect but not what I was after.

Here’s your Monday morning shot of espresso in a blown glass cup. White ink on black card, A4.

Well, it’s a fish in a rustic wooden box. With fountain pen on A3. Very dark tonality. Why? Because.

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