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🎨 Hello, I'm Sean, a media doing work in on and on panels.

🤚 I don't use brushes, I just use my from the tips of my to the whole side of my , in strokes as light as a butterfly's kiss to violent smacks. I wear an apron, my table has spatter shields, and there's a drop cloth on the floor. Sometimes that's enough.

💧 I use and , usually mixed right on the panel. I work quickly, with the entire painting wet all at once. Usually I pre-wet my surfaces with water & retarder to keep things from setting up too fast.

👇 My pieces are never truly flat, is a very important part of my work, and I encourage people to touch the art (with clean hands) so they can feel it. From gentle to almost dangerously sharp , and lots of cool things in between. My paintings are !

🌤 All of my pieces are and sometimes or , meant to be hung in a window for the light to shine through.

💱 I sell my small, easily shipped pieces work on at as well as at my retail booth at the Arts Market at in , where I live.

So, hey!

Candy coloured swirly skull! Fineline markers on card.

Here’s your Monday morning ... coffee shop. Fountain pen on sketch paper.

An impressionistic rendition of snowy trees blurring past a train window in rural Canada. Really.

Desert hiking trail (again) this time in red and black ballpoint duotone. On card.

Mountain stream. Maybe more of a river? I don’t remember it as being very wide but definitely not something to fall in. Colorado. Rollerball on card with robot.

Got that west coast shoreline thing again, looking down a cliff. Rollerball on card.

Just an interesting dead tree. Brown fountain pen on card with robot.

Desert hiking trail in sine waves. Brown rollerball on card.

Mountain town with river. Rollerball on card with robot.

House and tree on dyed card. Black fountain pen wielded by robot.

Transmission tower, blue and black duotone. Gel pen on card with robot.

Factory wall in alternating red and black crosshatch grids. Ballpoint duotone via robot.

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me day 1: im gonna start reviewing art supplies!

me day 2: art supplies are a bit too exclusionary

me day 3: art supplies are racist

Mountain pass in blue. Fountain pen on card with robot.

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee! Rollerball with custom ink on card, via robot.

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