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🎨 Hello, I'm Sean, a full time currently doing work with plotters -- robots for .

🤖 The commands for the robots -- which I've designed and built -- come from my software. Photos and geometric shapes are converted to pen strokes and drawn on real paper with fountain pens, gel pens, markers, etc.

🛒 I have an online store at with original, yet affordable, pieces of my art.

🏠 I live in Toronto with my partner, roommate and two cats.

Brick wall and window, properly drawn. Fine point rollerball.

Gentle swirls in green fountain pen. Sometimes simple is nice.

Tokyo in the rain no 2. Black gel on heavy paper. About A3 size.

Soothing waterfront landscape. Rolling hills, plants, flowers, gentle waves. Blue fountain pen.

Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Extra strong. Ballpoint.

ArtBot test, a bit of fail. Fountain pen slipped, and was too dense anyway. Brick wall and window.

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