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🎨 Hello, I'm Sean, a media doing work in on and on panels.

🀚 I don't use brushes, I just use my from the tips of my to the whole side of my , in strokes as light as a butterfly's kiss to violent smacks. I wear an apron, my table has spatter shields, and there's a drop cloth on the floor. Sometimes that's enough.

πŸ’§ I use and , usually mixed right on the panel. I work quickly, with the entire painting wet all at once. Usually I pre-wet my surfaces with water & retarder to keep things from setting up too fast.

πŸ‘‡ My pieces are never truly flat, is a very important part of my work, and I encourage people to touch the art (with clean hands) so they can feel it. From gentle to almost dangerously sharp , and lots of cool things in between. My paintings are !

🌀 All of my pieces are and sometimes or , meant to be hung in a window for the light to shine through.

πŸ’± I sell my small, easily shipped pieces work on at as well as at my retail booth at the Arts Market at in , where I live.

So, hey!

This is a heavy black ballpoint portrait of my old friend Cat who died a couple years ago. I still miss her. She was the best. Fuck cancer.

Portrait of the artist emerging from a sea of chaos. Then going back into the chaos because it’s scary outside. Purple fountain pen on heavy paper.

Look at this spiky flower. Just look at it. Blue fountain pen on card.

Daisy in red. Fountain pen on heavy paper. A little sloppy here and there as the paper warped with heavy ink coverage. In my shop.

Portrait. Gel pen on gloss paper. Commissions available.

Ivy covered brick wall in black and green gel pen duotone.

Factory floor, empty. Black gel pen on heavy paper.

Rocky inlet (Newfoundland). Gel pen on heavy paper.

Monday morning cup of coffee, black gel pen on heavy paper. Dig that texture.

Clouds and waves rolling in. About 9x12 black gel on heavy paper.

Moon and clouds duotone with triangles. An experiment. Gel pens on card.

Sunset over clouds red variation. Red and black ballpoint pen on heavy paper.

Moon and clouds at night, teal version. Rollerball on card.

Great sky orb over mountains now with more swirly. Red fountain pen card.

Sunset over the clouds in orange and black ballpoint.

Glowing sky orb with mountains. Blue pen on heavy paper.

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