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Feedback appreciated. 

A couple of days ago I went on an 'environmental education' course.

We did a bit of pond dipping and sweep netting for creepy crawlies.

We also did some crafts.

I made a story stick. It has feathers, lady's bedstraw, ribwort, some ash keys, an apple leaf, and sycamore seeds.

I also made a frame from willow and weaved a little spider's web with wool. In the web there are more sycamore seeds, an oak leaf, birch cones, and some moss.

Arriving home today, I got a lovely surprise in the post.

This wonderful postcard and sticker from @rheall

Definitely brightened my day.

Thank you, so much!

That last one is a little strange. Not sure if the hospital staff know he's in there.

My uncle passed away recently, and he left me all his tools.

It's like a carpentry and DIY time capsule.

I thought mastodon.ART would appreciate some of the illustrations in this riveting (or rather screwing) instruction manual.

Am I proud that I finally started getting some layout sketches done?


Ukulele improvements.

Did a lot of sanding and filling, and just applied a coat of primer.

Also, got some machine heads in the post to replace the old friction pegs.

Bringing order to chaos.

Tin of jumbled up pencils is no more.

Though I do like the clatter of pencils when you can't find the colour you're looking for.

Ukulele improvements.

Paint stripper is nasty stuff.
Got the worst of it off though, and plugged the old screw holes.
Added a block to make a sturdier neck joint.

Everybody's doing it.

Grim Fandango
Shadow of the Colossus
Kerbal Space Program
Sim City 2000


Good for making jelly.

Also apparently wards off witches.

In the not too distant future, I'd like to offer up some of my work for download, at a 'pay what you like' kind of price.

Have you had any experience with this sort of thing?

What platforms, or methods of doing this do you think are best?

I'd be very grateful to hear any and all solutions.

Thanks in advance.

Still more foraging fruits.

Elder is another common hedgerow plant.

Both the flowers and berries make delicious cordial.

More foraging fruits.

Rose and bramble are also very common in hedgerows.

Did a spot of foraging yesterday. Wanted elderberries, but got blackberries instead.

Scouted out some other fruits for later in the year.

Here's a drawing of haws and sloes, the fruits of hawthorn and blackthorn respectively. Both are commonly used to make hedgerows, and have culinary uses.

Houseplants are the best.

Air-plant coconut jellyfish.

Noodling on something I made a few years ago.

Old guitar machine heads and strings. Cookie tin body. Finger positions drawn on with marker. Barely sanded, nevermind finished.

Tuned CFC, like a sanshin, only an octave up.

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