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I don't use my sketchbook nearly enough.

This is the first picture in it, from almost a year ago.

Based on people I saw on the metro.

I did a time-lapse.

Positioning the camera for a good view is kind of difficult.

No turning back now...

Well, I mean I could just put it all back together.

My electric ukulele and cookie tin amplifier. I built these years ago, but don't play with them much now.

They work well enough, but I have an urge to take them to bits and um, 'refine' them a little.


Although one might be a kangaroo in disguise.

Put together a kit for making bug-hotels with volunteers.

Also made a sturdy sawhorse/bench to build them on, out in the field.

With all the other jobs to do, we only managed to make two, but I think they look pretty good.

Wildlife in and around the greenhouse.

Mrs sparrow waiting for me to leave, so she can come and get the bugs from between the window panes.

A tiny black wasp, perched on a leaf.

A large orange wasp. I don't think I've ever seen one so big.

Marked as sensitive in case someone is creeped out by wasps.

It's been another hot day, and I forgot to open the door on the greenhouse.

After a good watering, the plants slowly recover.

I've spent a lot of time staring into my pond lately.

When there's a frog in there, it brightens my day. 🐸

About a fortnight ago, I helped with a bug hunt for some primary school kids. Sweep nets in the long grass.

For some reason, they all wanted to catch grasshoppers.

They mostly caught froghoppers and grass bugs. One got a soldier beetle, and was very proud of it.

Everyone was amazed by the moths and butterflies. Easiest to catch was the five-spotted burnet moth.

Another oldie from a picture book I shelved. For the time being, anyway.

Despite my best intentions, I haven't managed to draw a single thing this week! Not a sausage.

Here's something from a while ago.

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