@jopi Oh yes, I'm sure more time will help. It's good that you feel a little better today though.
I hope you had an enjoyable walk in the forest.

@jopi I can see how that is frustrating and demoralising.

Are you able to go for a walk in nature? Maybe a local park or garden? Being in nature helps me, but of course we are all different with different circumstances.

I hope the fog lifts for you soon.

@Ellteo Maybe you already know it, but this is a good site for uke stuff:




Seems logical to me.

Doesn't matter if you're speaking English or anything else.

If Farmor is Swedish, then that's just what she's called, right?

A bug feeding on a moth.

Marked as sensitive because creepy crawlies.

@sajith Adult cicadas are like big flies, but the nymphs burrow and have strong front legs for digging. When they're mature they climb the nearest plant and moult, leaving their old chunky exoskeleton behind.

Here's an image search for cicada shells: duckduckgo.com/?q=cicada+shell

@sajith Looks like the moulted case of a cicada or something like that. Can't be sure, we don't have cicadas where I live.

In my experience, weevils tend to have a long 'nose'.

Went on a little invertebrate safari in the garden.

A little wasp.
A fly.
An ant.
A grassbug.

Marked as sensitive for those who find insects too creepy.

Buying second-hand is great.

I bought a copy of The B-52's 'Wild Planet'.

Inside I found a gig ticket from 1980.

A tiny insight into someone's life 39 years ago.

@welshpixie Fantastic. Makes me think of playing cards, the way it's reflected like that.

@adamk678 Thanks. They were good fun to photograph.

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