I work for this charity in the UK:


It's very good. I used to be a volunteer and it helped me grow my confidence and self esteem.

If you're the slightest bit interested, I urge you to give it a go.

Thanks 🌱

@powderpaint Really wonderful!

Also, it's a silly thing, but the video reminded me of the fake freeze frame endings from Police Squad.


I love elder. Aside from all the cordials and wines you can make, the stems are good for making whistles.

Got to ask the elder-mother for permission though.

@Shonalika Yeah, and then they land nearby, rubbing their little hands together in anticipation.


I'm glad it's not just me who feels like that sometimes.

Also, sorry you feel like that sometimes.

@jessmahler @InvaderXan That's really cool. A simple solution and a win-win situation all round.

@Satsuma @pollomostro

I second that!

Also, maybe you can find local or national wildlife conservation groups.

They should have advice for gardening to benefit the insects and other wildlife specific to your area.

Best of luck. 🌱

@InvaderXan That's a really handy diagram.

I work for a conservation charity. When I started I found it surprising how often we're actually working against succession, because if we let everything turn to forest we'd lose the other habitats, and the species that live in them.

Been into stereo-photography for a while. This is my favourite picture I've taken so far.

No fancy camera. Just took a photo, shifted a bit, and took another.

You'll need a stereo viewer to see it properly. Unless you can do that thing with your eyes. Parallel-view.

@kode54 @kiilas Very nice.

No problems so far, and the cats seem to enjoy it.

@poweredbylemons Oh definitely. That looks like thirsty work. 🥤

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