Been into stereo-photography for a while. This is my favourite picture I've taken so far.

No fancy camera. Just took a photo, shifted a bit, and took another.

You'll need a stereo viewer to see it properly. Unless you can do that thing with your eyes. Parallel-view.

@kode54 @kiilas Very nice.

No problems so far, and the cats seem to enjoy it.

@poweredbylemons Oh definitely. That looks like thirsty work. πŸ₯€

Made the cats a drinking fountain.

It's just a plant pot with a tiny pond pump and some pebbles.

All hooked up to a PIR sensor so it only runs when a cat passes by.


@Mirima That is some high level skill. I couldn't reach that with a barge pole.

Ba dum tsh.

@vincentsautter Do you want to know a secret?

Me too.

Also definitely aim for that.
Then you can legitimately call yourself 'professional'.

@Niidles Yeah it's good that you can just dip in and out whenever you please.

Build anything good?

I used to love the mod packs. Making automated systems. Basically engineering myself out of having to play the game.

@Niidles The very same thing crossed my mind yesterday. Haven't downloaded it yet though. It used to be such a time-sink!

@scoots I did some brine pickled cucumbers last year, for the first time. They turned out pretty good:

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