Lots of gannets at the seabird colony.

They're magnificent in real life.

I'm not very good at snapping them in flight though.

Went on a trip for the first time in a long while. Visited a sea bird colony. Pretty much had the place to ourselves.

If you don't count the thousands and thousands of birds.

Here's a puffin.

Saw two blue tit fledglings today. Maybe the same one from yesterday and a sibling.

They were perched high up in an apple tree, while their parents flew back and forth with caterpillars and things to eat.

We watched for a while until Mum and Dad started making alarm calls. I guess we were hanging around for too long.

Have you ever used a typewriter?

I had one as a kid. Don't remember typing very much. Only playing with the ribbon and getting inky fingerprints.

Saw a blue tit fledgling this morning. It was fluttering around, exploring the world. Calling to it's parents the whole time.

A song thrush also popped in for a visit. Pretty handsome, but nowhere near as cute as the blue tit.

Went on another elderflower hunt today and found a medlar tree!

Went for a walk to collect elderflowers today, though not many have bloomed yet.

Got lots of blurry bird snaps, and one cool harvestman photo.

Marked as sensitive because creepy crawlies.

Cinnabar moth caterpillar.

Caught a glimpse of another moth today.

Ragwort is growing in the garden, so there will probably be some caterpillars later too.

Saw a soldier beetle today.

The only one I can identify to species level without looking it up is 'cantharis rustica'.

It has a black spot on it's back, often in the shape of a heart.

Saw a cinnabar moth in the porch the other day.

Usually when I *think* I've seen one, it turns out to have been a burnet moth instead.

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