A bug feeding on a moth.

Marked as sensitive because creepy crawlies.

Went on a little invertebrate safari in the garden.

A little wasp.
A fly.
An ant.
A grassbug.

Marked as sensitive for those who find insects too creepy.

There's a little casserole dish I keep in the garden, full of rocks for frogs to sit in.

No frogs today, but there was a newt!

Took a few photos, named him Gussie, and popped him back.

Been into stereo-photography for a while. This is my favourite picture I've taken so far.

No fancy camera. Just took a photo, shifted a bit, and took another.

You'll need a stereo viewer to see it properly. Unless you can do that thing with your eyes. Parallel-view.

Made the cats a drinking fountain.

It's just a plant pot with a tiny pond pump and some pebbles.

All hooked up to a PIR sensor so it only runs when a cat passes by.


Morris dancer.

Turned out a bit Charles Darwin.

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Saw this poster in Bavaria.

Inevitably, as part of my day job I have to clear litter. I can never fathom the minds of people that dump rubbish. In parks or otherwise.

If only this piece of art could reach them.

The nearest stack is my contribution to the beach.

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