Made the cats a drinking fountain.

It's just a plant pot with a tiny pond pump and some pebbles.

All hooked up to a PIR sensor so it only runs when a cat passes by.


@smbsy this is amazing ✨

I need one for my “coworkers” since I work remote and need a water cooler for the workspace

@poweredbylemons Oh definitely. That looks like thirsty work. 🥤

@smbsy I wish for this to be a video because mlem.

@smbsy @kiilas we have a purpose made cat fountain, and our cats like it, and it also runs 24/7 because it’s also filtering the water on each cycle, and we also clean the whole thing weekly. Neat invention you made, hope it stays clean, for the little furbabies

@kode54 @kiilas Very nice.

No problems so far, and the cats seem to enjoy it.

@smbsy this is such a good pure wholesome thing you've brought into the world

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