Creepy crawlies.

Today I did some bug hunting with primary school kids. These drawings were meant to help them ID what they caught.

In the end, they were way too giddy to bother with ID sheets.

This ash tree had a butterfly pattern hidden inside.

Got to make some flash cards for a bug hunt on Tuesday.

Here are some insect doodles.

A little harvestman, hanging out on my cider press.

Hidden because someone might find it creepy.

Quick and inky shield bug. Copied from a photo I took earlier in the week.


For lack of doing any actual drawing this past week, I added alt-text to the sketches on my latest story draft.

Some of the descriptions are pretty long. I hope it works alright. If anyone has problems, please let me know.


A little shield bug, going about it's business.

Even though it's mostly brown, I think it's a common green shield bug.

Feedback appreciated. Show more

A couple of days ago I went on an 'environmental education' course.

We did a bit of pond dipping and sweep netting for creepy crawlies.

We also did some crafts.

I made a story stick. It has feathers, lady's bedstraw, ribwort, some ash keys, an apple leaf, and sycamore seeds.

I also made a frame from willow and weaved a little spider's web with wool. In the web there are more sycamore seeds, an oak leaf, birch cones, and some moss.

Arriving home today, I got a lovely surprise in the post.

This wonderful postcard and sticker from @rheall

Definitely brightened my day.

Thank you, so much!

That last one is a little strange. Not sure if the hospital staff know he's in there.

My uncle passed away recently, and he left me all his tools.

It's like a carpentry and DIY time capsule.

I thought mastodon.ART would appreciate some of the illustrations in this riveting (or rather screwing) instruction manual.

Am I proud that I finally started getting some layout sketches done?


Ukulele improvements.

Did a lot of sanding and filling, and just applied a coat of primer.

Also, got some machine heads in the post to replace the old friction pegs.

Bringing order to chaos.

Tin of jumbled up pencils is no more.

Though I do like the clatter of pencils when you can't find the colour you're looking for.

Ukulele improvements.

Paint stripper is nasty stuff.
Got the worst of it off though, and plugged the old screw holes.
Added a block to make a sturdier neck joint.

Everybody's doing it.

Grim Fandango
Shadow of the Colossus
Kerbal Space Program
Sim City 2000

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