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I toot quite a few wildlife photos.

They're not great by any means, but it just dawned on me that they might be useful as references for art.

If I toot a photo that is some use to you as a reference, feel free to use it.

You have my blessing.

In fact, I'd be honoured.



Dick van Dyke dancing with cocked elbows and knees might appear to be an insensitive cockney stereotype, but it's really the only effective way to clear some space to walk.

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I went to London today.

I feel an affinity with the pigeons.

Weaving in and out of the constantly moving mass of unsmiling, unyeilding bodies.

Ducking into nooks and niches for a moment of respite. Eyes on the horizon for a spot to drink, or a crumb to eat.

Only, when they tire of the sprawling game of chicken, they can stretch their wings and soar above it all, look down on the discourteous mob, and poo.

Found my first tick today.

I hope it's my last.

Long-winged conehead.

Marked sensitive because insects.

Been swinging a scythe around today - learning how to mow a meadow.

I don't know why anyone bothers with a strimmer.

The world could do with less pedantic people in it.


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You know when you see a toot and it's technically incorrect, but it's really not a big deal?

Then you wrestle with the urge to reply with a correction, no matter how polite or well meaning?

And you think better of it and walk away?

Well done. Have a medal.


I went a little bit mad and got an IBC tank. It used to contain orange juice.

We are ready for ALL THE RAIN!


Sorry if I disappointed anyone with the joke CW.

I'm glad that supermarkets have stopped selling disposable barbecues because of the heat.

The next step could be a super soaker to the face for anyone who goes near a meadow with a lit cigarette.

I went to town today.

Did the people there always stride around talking so loudly?

I think I'm becoming a country bumpkin. A suburban something or other, anyway.

Literally fighting fires at work today!

In the smallest way possible, but still... It's too darn hot! 🔥

It's insect week:

Every week is insect week in my books, but I guess this one is official.

Today I found a shed snake skin!

Took it into the office. I think we'll mount it on the wall somewhere.

Only marked sensitive because snake, and maybe trypophobia for close up of inside out scales.

Went on a bug hunt today.

Froghopper nymph with grass anthers stuck to its bum.

Only marked sensitive for crawlies. I think it's quite cute.

I have to look up a lot of plants and animals for my day job, and the search engine auto-complete invariably includes 'how to get rid of...'.


How to get more of...

My apple saplings are attracting so many aphids.

You can see which leaves they're feasting on, because they're all curled up.

As well as bazillions of aphids, one leaf curl had a bumblebee inside. Evidently it had popped by to drink the gallons of honeydew that was pooling up.

I need to attract some ladybirds.

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