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I toot quite a few wildlife photos.

They're not great by any means, but it just dawned on me that they might be useful as references for art.

If I toot a photo that is some use to you as a reference, feel free to use it.

You have my blessing.

In fact, I'd be honoured.


It's insect week:

Every week is insect week in my books, but I guess this one is official.

Today I found a shed snake skin!

Took it into the office. I think we'll mount it on the wall somewhere.

Only marked sensitive because snake, and maybe trypophobia for close up of inside out scales.

Went on a bug hunt today.

Froghopper nymph with grass anthers stuck to its bum.

Only marked sensitive for crawlies. I think it's quite cute.

I have to look up a lot of plants and animals for my day job, and the search engine auto-complete invariably includes 'how to get rid of...'.


How to get more of...

My apple saplings are attracting so many aphids.

You can see which leaves they're feasting on, because they're all curled up.

As well as bazillions of aphids, one leaf curl had a bumblebee inside. Evidently it had popped by to drink the gallons of honeydew that was pooling up.

I need to attract some ladybirds.

Lots of flags going up.


Now to silently judge all those that are upside-down.

Did some freshwater wildlife surveys with college students today. They found lots of stuff:

Freshwater shrimp.
Water slaters.
Stickleback fry.
Frog and toad tadpoles.
Mayfly larvae.
Stonefly larvae.
Damselfly larvae.
Dragonfly nymphs.
A water scorpion.
A froglet that jumped into the tray all by itself.

The stars of the show though, were a couple of juvenile newts.

Red-and-black froghoppers.

Marked as sensitive because insects.

Saw this dragonfly nymph today.

It did not react to me at all, so I scooped it out. Could have been a moult, but it seemed to be intact. Maybe dead.

There was another smaller, but very much alive nymph in the same pond. It was hard to photograph and I didn't want to disturb it too much.

Marked sensitive because dragonfly nymphs are kinda creepy. Very cool! ...but kinda creepy.

Photos from work.

Cute coot and chick on the water.

Oystercatcher babysitting two chicks while the other parent is away.

Also first swifts of the year.

Now I'm thinking about putting up next boxes, but I know they're quite picky about where they nest.

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It's not a very clear photo, but we saw a couple of common lizards today. 🦎

Here's a slightly out of focus reed bunting.

This guy was singing his heart out in the sunshine.

Have you ever administered first aid to a bee?

I found this bee on a windowsill in a room we're decorating. Covered in plaster dust, and clearly very tired.

I put it in the greenhouse where it's warm and sheltered, and gave it a bit of sugar solution.

It was fascinating watching it drink, warm itself up, and clean the plaster dust off.

After it had buzzed around the greenhouse a bit, I opened the door and it flew away.

Marked as sensitive because bee close-up.

Noun - Vice presidential drum beat. 🎶

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