Slightly out of focus invertebrates.

Marked as sensitive because creepy crawlies.

A colouring-in page for my work's volunteer newsletter.

It's not a very serious newsletter.

I got it wrong!

Not that you can tell from this photo, but it's not a female, and maybe not a conehead.

Definitely some kind of katydid though.

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Another insect I met at work.

I think it's a female long-winged conehead nymph.

This charismatic little fella popped up to say hello at work today.

I think it's a copper underwing moth.

Today the cat discovered the bouncy ball screensaver on the TV.

Bought an old Amiga 500+ complete with bits and bobs.

Haven't even tried to power it on yet. Just looking through the hand written titles on the floppies is fun.

The software is all secure too. There's a lock on the disc box.

Ages ago Mrs smbsy had a vivid dream. The kind where it's like a movie.

It still comes up in conversation sometimes, so I asked for her descriptions of the main characters and tried to draw them.

Not a very useful diagram without the colours.🔌

D'ya ever see a normal everyday thing, and think it would be a good curse for Captain Haddock?

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