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Good morning .artists!!!!! :polarbears:

I was looking at how my art has shifted over the years and it has me curious;

Please reply to this thread with your art progression from 2016 » 2018 » 2020 » 2022

I'd like to see (and congratulate) everyone's progress and maybe point out some progress or improvements I see for folks who maybe can't see them yet! :3c

Boosts very appreciated! :boost_ok:

I don't think there's a more comfortable feeling than revisitng an old favorite book. I'm rereading Changing Planes by Ursula K. LeGuin, which I haven't read in probably a decade, and it's so cozy slipping back into my favorite short stories, seeing that some of the ones I thought were duds actually seem pretty good now and noticing how different my perspective is on each short now that I have more life experience ♥

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Boosts wanted

I am always looking for more artists to commission to make art in honor of my late cat, Lyra.

My budget is limited so I can order only a few commissions at a time, but I am faithfully pursuing this project.

Any artists who take commissions for pet portraits or animal art in general, please feel free to reply to this thread!

#mastoart #commission

Hello! I'm Sheepie, she/her. I'm coming from Twitter, not really as a refugee because I don't post much on Twitter, just follow a bunch of artists lol. (I just want to scroll through pretty pictures on my breaks from work 😭) These are the things I like:

and , mostly old nostalgic series

And I guess that's all. I hope I'm doing this right, and happy to meet everyone?


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