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Eve Morisot @skolli@mastodon.art

@Dex I'm full up at the moment, but thank you for checking back~ I'll post something again when my queue's empty!

I suppose music is also art~

If you missed it or just aren't following my main account, I released a 6-track EP around midnight last night! Fair warning: it's got some lewdness to it, so I'm posting it unlisted here.


there's nothing REALLY showing in this, but figured i should CW it/post it unlisted anyway for suggestive content~

my alt-'sona (and then some) synthi being ten flavors of cheeky on an album cover for an album i have yet to make, but desperately need to.

the word "nude" was adjusted slightly from its prior location (as posted on my main masto) to be a little more functional.


@rienlen you're fine!! thank you so much thoughhh * - *

thanks for the boosts! aaa <3

crossposting from main!

okay i need to get ~$475 in a big ol' hurry, who wants to commission me for one of these 16x16" (4800x4800px) lisa-frank(enstein) digital portraits? they start at $150 and look FANTASTIC as user icons wherever you log in! i'll even provide versions cropped & sized for the best appearance at smaller sizes~

please RT❣️

mastodon.art/media/r-4XITqbIVJ mastodon.art/media/-yVEiEvfKWc mastodon.art/media/E5sgs_lhUVk

it's not mastodon 2.0, it's mastodon awoo.0!

“Portraits Of The Artist In Her Natural Habitat (The Floor)”

omg i forgot introductions didn't i

, mostly copy-pasted from my main, with additions~

i'm skolli. nb femme (she/they). i make art (mostly NSFW), and music (mostly SFW but much of it is l o u d). i'm loudly queer and rapidly approaching my one-year anniversary on HRT (whoo!) while freelancing (it's hard). am bird. caw. (also sometimes ringtail. ringtail noise.) i've been kicking around the internet for quite a while; started out in the late 90s in sonic fan chats (missy's sonic chat was basically my art school thanks to super-early influences like barachan, tyson hesse, and j. axer), made my way around the internet from art-site to art-site for years and wound up here, somehow. A Journey, To Be Certain

strawberrystatic.bandcamp.com (current)
roxorfoxor.bandcamp.com (archived older stuff)

MY ARTSSS (NSFW!!! 18+ only plz):

squawk! 🐦


gosh my phone is metaphorically blowing the eff up rn lmao

this one is for @Eisbar! i did something different with this one, working on an 8x8" canvas @ 600 DPI, and converting to CMYK/applying a color halftone matrix to it after i finished to give it that "authentic" lisa frank look lmao

either way, it was an interesting experiment!


...i sure do draw iris a lot, huh. 💜

this was a stylistic experiment i took ALL OVER the place and it ended squarely in "lisa frank three-ring binder cover" territory and that's f a n t a s t i c ✨


before my 'sona was a Miscellaneous Birdperson, she was a bassarisk. ringtail. miner's cat. whatever you wanna call 'em. not much of a change stylistically, tho~

here i/she is hanging on iris' every word lmao


@rienlen thanks, it is um...look i get in over my head ahaha

i've got a patreon, a commission queue, another project i can't talk about in detail (mmm mmm, NDAs), and like, three comics in the pipeline i want to do all at the same time and it's ... interesting lmao