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Eve Morisot @skolli@mastodon.art

there's nothing REALLY showing in this, but figured i should CW it/post it unlisted anyway for suggestive content~

my alt-'sona (and then some) synthi being ten flavors of cheeky on an album cover for an album i have yet to make, but desperately need to.

the word "nude" was adjusted slightly from its prior location (as posted on my main masto) to be a little more functional.


crossposting from main!

okay i need to get ~$475 in a big ol' hurry, who wants to commission me for one of these 16x16" (4800x4800px) lisa-frank(enstein) digital portraits? they start at $150 and look FANTASTIC as user icons wherever you log in! i'll even provide versions cropped & sized for the best appearance at smaller sizes~

please RT❣️

mastodon.art/media/r-4XITqbIVJ mastodon.art/media/-yVEiEvfKWc mastodon.art/media/E5sgs_lhUVk

“Portraits Of The Artist In Her Natural Habitat (The Floor)”

omg i forgot introductions didn't i

, mostly copy-pasted from my main, with additions~

i'm skolli. nb femme (she/they). i make art (mostly NSFW), and music (mostly SFW but much of it is l o u d). i'm loudly queer and rapidly approaching my one-year anniversary on HRT (whoo!) while freelancing (it's hard). am bird. caw. (also sometimes ringtail. ringtail noise.) i've been kicking around the internet for quite a while; started out in the late 90s in sonic fan chats (missy's sonic chat was basically my art school thanks to super-early influences like barachan, tyson hesse, and j. axer), made my way around the internet from art-site to art-site for years and wound up here, somehow. A Journey, To Be Certain

strawberrystatic.bandcamp.com (current)
roxorfoxor.bandcamp.com (archived older stuff)

MY ARTSSS (NSFW!!! 18+ only plz):

squawk! 🐦


this one is for @Eisbar! i did something different with this one, working on an 8x8" canvas @ 600 DPI, and converting to CMYK/applying a color halftone matrix to it after i finished to give it that "authentic" lisa frank look lmao

either way, it was an interesting experiment!


...i sure do draw iris a lot, huh. 💜

this was a stylistic experiment i took ALL OVER the place and it ended squarely in "lisa frank three-ring binder cover" territory and that's f a n t a s t i c ✨


before my 'sona was a Miscellaneous Birdperson, she was a bassarisk. ringtail. miner's cat. whatever you wanna call 'em. not much of a change stylistically, tho~

here i/she is hanging on iris' every word lmao


gin rigaud (they/them). adorable bun.

@irisjaycomics is kinda to blame for this stylistic choice after giving my art a compliment i felt i just couldn't live up to unless i tried. ;>


if you've been following me long enough anywhere else on the internet, you're probably aware that for a while i was working on a little comic called 'remnant core', which i...unceremoniously shelved indefinitely out of dissatisfaction with my own workflow and the unwieldy nature of the plot. i've been picking at it off and on, and unless the world ends first, i WILL finish it at some point.

anyway, this is mio, one of the main characters. she's a polymorphic, fluid-like swarm of nanites surrounding a neural net core, and a bit of a smartass. she was, along with her nine siblings, intended by her creator to be a help and guide to the rest of a world that was quickly succumbing to all sorts of natural (and unnatural) disasters, but the whole project got co-opted by an overzealous military, as usually happens in these situations. she said "well eff THAT" and got the hell out of there.

wow, 1500 characters is a LOT, .art.