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crossposting from main!

okay i need to get ~$475 in a big ol' hurry, who wants to commission me for one of these 16x16" (4800x4800px) lisa-frank(enstein) digital portraits? they start at $150 and look FANTASTIC as user icons wherever you log in! i'll even provide versions cropped & sized for the best appearance at smaller sizes~

please RT❣️

mastodon.art/media/r-4XITqbIVJ mastodon.art/media/-yVEiEvfKWc mastodon.art/media/E5sgs_lhUVk

@skolli ;;;;;;;;;; I'm gonna contact you as soon as I move $$$ into my paypal ASAP >:O

@skolli ((IM SO ANNOYED I'm dealing with moving shit all week but I'll try to get back to you soon, tho obvs do what you have to do to fill slots!))

Eve Morisot @skolli

@rienlen you're fine!! thank you so much thoughhh * - *

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