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if you've been following me long enough anywhere else on the internet, you're probably aware that for a while i was working on a little comic called 'remnant core', which i...unceremoniously shelved indefinitely out of dissatisfaction with my own workflow and the unwieldy nature of the plot. i've been picking at it off and on, and unless the world ends first, i WILL finish it at some point.

anyway, this is mio, one of the main characters. she's a polymorphic, fluid-like swarm of nanites surrounding a neural net core, and a bit of a smartass. she was, along with her nine siblings, intended by her creator to be a help and guide to the rest of a world that was quickly succumbing to all sorts of natural (and unnatural) disasters, but the whole project got co-opted by an overzealous military, as usually happens in these situations. she said "well eff THAT" and got the hell out of there.

wow, 1500 characters is a LOT, .art.


@rienlen when i really start working on this again, yeah! ; ^ ; i wanna just have infinite time

@skolli this is...an eternal mood...TT_TT

hahaha here's hoping you get that time soon! <3 Keepin you in my thoughts.

Eve Morisot @skolli

@rienlen thanks, it is um...look i get in over my head ahaha

i've got a patreon, a commission queue, another project i can't talk about in detail (mmm mmm, NDAs), and like, three comics in the pipeline i want to do all at the same time and it's ... interesting lmao

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