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I've been playing and already my Skeleton (robot) character is proving to be the strongest and most badass dude in my squad. I tried drawing him, but no matter how hard I try I can't draw standard Skeleton heads.

So uh I tried to come up with something that at least vaguely resembles it? Maybe a "same make, different model" deal.

I also ended up braining up a background story for him.... hoo boy. I'm attached. If he dies I'll be pissed. I'll savescum that shit if I have to.

I made Patreon for people who like my artworks! If you are interested to pledge, I'd be very happy.

And!! This is a picture I really like...I am super proud of it, this is like a peak of my artistic abilities as for now!! I am super extra proud, I was trying to paint something like this ages ago and I failed it's my time to shine!✨

Oh dear I just got there in a middle of hard work things I do!! How is everyone!! :) I will post some art and hang out a while before I disappear into some scary overworking mode again, www

Hollow Knight fanart of the Midwife and Mantis Lords. Hollow Knight is an amazing game. If you like Metroid or Castlevania type games, then you'll love Hollow Knight.

Wanderlust campaign officially ends in 48 HOURS! and along with beautiful stories await inside!
We still have a ways to go to get funded, but we believe we can do it with YOUR HELP! Support us by retooting or backing our anthology at:

Hey I'm opening !!
Two slots as for now, half-body experimental color with character! I wanna play with moods and feels. Examples in my media or on

Shoot me an email with refs and info to -> !

Julian my gator gurl being dapper. She wears more formal attire. Gotta look good while you're trying to convince people you're not up to shady stuff.

Exactly SEVEN days to go and we're halfway!!
Please spread the world & contribute to this beautiful artbook about myths and legends with my illustration in it! Here's my sneak peek :)

Sorry for not posting! Here's the Ocean and the Moon in love πŸ’–

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