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Hey y'all! I'm Skip.
I'm a digital artist that mostly draws OCs. I like exploring different fashion communities and incorporating that into the designs I do.

I'm also a huge Pokemon fan, so that comes up in my characters and art often.


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One of my recent drawings for my character Solange. Her design is based off of a from pokemon which is probably my favorite or at least in the top 5.

She's part of a dungeon crawling team as an homage to pokemon mystery dungeon. That's the reason for the scarf tied around her neck, which is what the player teams wear in most (or all?) the games.

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This is a pretty old piece, but was the start of a theme that I'd love to pick up again this summer.

I drew a few of my characters as trainer classes from Pokemon. (Like the different NPC trainers you battle.)
So this is my OC, Rubi, as a parasol lady.

Also, the setting is an actual route from one of the games. For the fun of it I'll put the location in a different post, but I doubt anyone could guess it. (As a hint, it's from X and Y!)

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i am offering some flat color sticker-style commissions of pokemon, fakemon, fusions, & other 'mon creatures! i can work off descriptions, concepts, or visual references ^__^

comment or dm me if you're interested! turnaround should be pretty quick for these <3

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joined a pokemon-themed arpg lol, made myself a starter and a trainer for it
weevil joined team rocket because he was promised a swaddle and he's wanted a bug-type pokemon of his own his whole life, but it turns out even though she is half sewaddle, she's grass/psychic type.. 😔

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Bug, Insect 

older drawing. still makes me wanna nap in a cozy place.

Bit of an older doodle of my Alice. I drew this on one of those giant iMac screens my uni had which was pretty fun.

Eye contact 

I've been thinking of a new character that's sort of an off-shoot of another. I realized I had some conflicting ideas about their design, so I decided to just make them into two people. Wasn't sure which background looked better so here's both.

I've sketched up some other things for them, but I still need to finish those up. And also pick a name!

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Follow-up from yesterday, this is the anthro form for Felicity on the left, which is pretty much just a .
The big difference is that her tail is more like a goat tail than a sheep, which are short and fluffy.

I've been working on full outfit + hair refs for my characters since I've been redesigning so many of them.

This is the first one I finished up for my OC Felicity. She's based on from pokemon, which is another of my favorites.

Her design didn't change much at all, so it was easier to knock out. Outfit #2 is her everyday look, #3 is for an evening out, #4 is work mode, and #1 is for a daytime meetup.

Base is here:

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Hello, all! Here's a piece I finished with some of my characters. It's a photograph they took a few years before their story begins.

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Next character in my intro list is Naomi. She's my second newest character (relatively), so the only major change she's gone through is a different hair color.

I mostly just draw her in hoodies, but I've been working on figuring out a more interesting closet for her when I make everyone's updated character refs.

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Thought I'd share some more I made for Redrawn (Johto Region). I decided to turn the Battle Tower into the Battle Frontier, which didn't exist back in Pokémon Crystal.
I followed Color hardware restrictions, may it be in screen size (the area is split into screen-sized portions), tile size, and palette.
It was quite challenging trying to fit the detail from the 3D DS designs.

I can't for the life of me decide on how bright this picture should be.
It looks totally different on every different screen I check :artsits:

Anyways, this is my character Alice. Another actually recent piece cause I wanted to do an updated headshot for her.

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A scribbly doodle from last year when I was experimenting with styles

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Made some fantasy designs the other day that I absolutely love. I need to reteach myself 3D modeling so I can model Heidi…it’s what she deserves

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