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it's time for / again???

Hey I'm SJ! I'm an illustrator + comic colorist who mostly works on horror and fantasy- this is where I put all my art on masto✨

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a test print tote bag I ordered came in today- need to make a few tweaks but I’m very happy with the results. Most likely going to have a few of these with me at ECCC this year!

I was honored to contribute an piece based on the story β€œBreak Out” for Little Foolery’s 10th anniversary!! @sfeertheorist and @chirart 's work has been an inspiration to me for ages- here’s to many more years of storytelling! ✨

be sure to check out the full gallery- it's fantastic:

eyy here’s the official preview of my piece for the Fantome Anthology! πŸ‘»

You can check out tumblr & instagram for more info and previews: |

heyyy new followers from the tumblr purge, thank you for joining me πŸ™ ✨

goodbye blue hellsite

yooo masto I’m doing the color for the new Marcy and Simon Adventure Time Comic!

the first issue is out in January, I’m really excited to be working on it 😭

happy halloween i'm posting the last inktobers today α••( ᐛ )α•—

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