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it's time for / again???

Hey I'm SJ! I'm an illustrator + comic colorist who mostly works on horror and fantasy- this is where I put all my art on masto✨

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eyy you can buy stuff directly from me online for the first time ever!!

New MAGE zines will be up for pre-order through June and will ship mid July

✨ ✨

I can't remember if I've posted about Marcy and Simon on here??? I've been doing the color for it!

issue 5 came out this week, I've enjoyed the hell outa working on it. wrapped up the final issue last week and I already miss it. 😩

illustrations are by the wonderful Slimm Fabert

Commission to a very kind dear who requested ROTJ Luke - had a secret fondness for him as well.

#mastoart #creativetoots #starwars

I think I'm getting the hang of this thing..!!

gonna get either silver or holo foil for the final versions πŸ’¦

posted some clips of a foil Emil prototype over on birdsite if you want to see the die cut machine in action:

So! I freelance mentorship/editor workshops to great success, and I have free scheduling to take on 2-3 people starting this month, so I'm opening myself up publically.

I work with people who want to improve in their artistic expression/skill during weekly sessions over a 3-month period. Continuance optional. Rate is $200 USD per session (though open to negotiation).

Toss a reply/DM if interested and we can talk! Testimonials and references to previous clients on request.


Finished lineart + color WIP for a new body horror illustration is now up for ko-fi and patreon supporters! |

forgive me masto I have neglected you once more

I've been mostly doing a lot of color work these last couple months, but it's wrapping up soon and I can finally have drawing time again

I'm also going to be at LVL Up Expo this weekend in the artist alley!! Come say hi!!

a test print tote bag I ordered came in today- need to make a few tweaks but I’m very happy with the results. Most likely going to have a few of these with me at ECCC this year!

I was honored to contribute an piece based on the story β€œBreak Out” for Little Foolery’s 10th anniversary!! @sfeertheorist and @chirart 's work has been an inspiration to me for ages- here’s to many more years of storytelling! ✨

be sure to check out the full gallery- it's fantastic:

eyy here’s the official preview of my piece for the Fantome Anthology! πŸ‘»

You can check out tumblr & instagram for more info and previews: |

heyyy new followers from the tumblr purge, thank you for joining me πŸ™ ✨

goodbye blue hellsite

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