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Hi, I'm Sir/SJ! This is my art only account. I'll be posting mostly finished pieces, announcements, etc on here!

I'm an illustrator who does fantasy and horror art/comics + I also do comic colorist work professionally! (bodyhorror ends up in my work a lot fyi)

site: www.sjmillerart.com
@sjmillerart on most sites
support: ko-fi.com/sirpol

mastodon.art/media/7T5rqG2bxyY mastodon.art/media/jiNclyLjQup

new business cards for ECCC!!!!!!
they have a nice texture, I can't stop rubbing it

oyeah have I mentioned I'll be in the artist alley at ECCC next month 😘

Figuring out how to use CSP since I got an iPad over the holidays;;;;;;;
Drawing in bed is very nice

a cool dude over on the twitter made a little solo fan RPG inspired my horror comics and i have to go lie on the floor now because that's too cool aaaaaaa πŸ’¦


the site is buggy and very much in beta, but I'm into it's current and planned features.

here I am if you're on there!

writscrib is planned to go public at the end of this month(?) if you don't want to go looking for a working beta key in the discord lol

ohhhdang, I managed to snag a writscrib beta key. lurking on the discord payed off.

art streaming is fun, I'm glad I'm getting back into it again ☺️

completed this week's Color Hell, now I get to reward myself with working on my comic tomorrow

maybe stream?? maybe

watch out for the new windows update guys- I had to uninstall it because it completely wrecked my tablet monitor.

Our friend Em (aka Bedsafely on twitter/tumblr) has been dealing with cancer, and it’s being an asshole. She really needs help with medical bills, and if you chip in a little bit we’ll make you some art. LET’S HAVE HER BACK!!!

Tumblr Post Here: missjamiekaye.tumblr.com/post/

πŸ’• Donate commission amount to her Paypal.Me paypal.me/bedsafely

πŸ’• Email your request with a screenshot proof of your donation to the artist of your choice:

✏️ - Me, Miss Jamie Kaye –> MissJamieKaye@gmail.com
✏️ RetroDynamics on Tumblr –> synthetickinetic@yahoo.com
✏️ Chocotaur on Tumblr –> dorkpheus@gmail.com

πŸ’• The three of us will be streaming the commissions Sunday, November 26th at 7pm EST on my Picarto! picarto.tv/missjamiekaye


Thor Ragnarok would've been neat to see as a mini-series. That's a world I would've enjoyed spending more time in (and more time with the characters pleeeaase).