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well that's weird 

The problem here is that that body is going to take five hoopings just to get the whole thing sewn, *plus* probably three per side to do the belly embroidery. And each one has to be manually aligned. SO much potential to screw it up.

A smarter person would finish the ice dragon and see if, YOU KNOW, there's even a market for these things.

Also (1) turns out the silver icicles are gonna be *way* too small for this critter, so it gets the bone hairsticks I was gonna use on the black (or silver!) unicorns.

(2) I need to upsize the eye opening. And make some changes in my stabilizer protocol (and/or invest in some safety googles).

Current WIP status:

◻️ shadow box for MIL
◻️ ice dragon
◻️ register the dang business with the county
◻️ valentine beanie dragons for etsy
◻️ valentine plesiosaurs for nieces
◻️ silver dragon
◻️ toothpaste horse
◻️ pegasus


me: I should finish and ship that box for my MIL.

adhd brain: no we should just try out the silver dragon head REAL QUICK

me: I should at least finish the ice dragon before *that*

adhd brain: or see if we can get the Viking working

me: We have a working embroidery machine. The Viking works fine as a sewing machine, if we're gonna use it we should sew the Valentine sea monsters.

adhd brain: silver dragon?

me: fiiiiine, real quick.

sewing needle: snags on fins and throws shrapnel everywhere

The Reader/Writer device only works on a parallel port... and includes a hardware DRM dongle that does not work even on a machine that has a parallel card installed on anything newer than Win98 because there is a OS-level software emulation layer in between that makes the DRM think you're trying to crack it.

(Golly gee, I wonder why Brother shoved Viking off the top of the home-embroidery-machine heap?)

(Also I haven't even actually found the cleverly-named Reader/Writer for the embroidery cards.)

The Viking is going to have to be a *lot* easier on the actual sewing end to make it worth using on the pattern-downloading end is all I'm saying.

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ARGH this bunched and wandered (there should be no white fabric showing inside the eyes other than the highlights, and the outline on the nose is wayyyy off) so I decided to try to use the Viking machine (which has a magnetic hoop that should help).

Turned on the machine, looked it over, and then remembered: it does not even take floppies directly. Floppies go in the laptop which writes to a custom embroidery card and *that's* what the dongle is for. 😩

Oh this is gonna make a niiiiice silver dragon. (I have another version of the icicle string that is silver metallized instead of iridized, so this one will also be a pointy boi.)

alcohol mention 

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Oh my heckin' gosh, there's a young one too!

You can even see the little head tufts of the mother behind.

People talk about "crafter's ADD" and I have literal ADD and I'm here to tell you that's a dangerous comorbidity because this pattern just showed up in my feed and now I'm ready to throw aside all my works in progress to make stuffed penguins: because LOOK AT THAT PENGUIN

(yeah I'm gonna hafta put those eyes on a dragon too aren't I)


(It's a stitch diagram, don't mind the jump stitches)

(Technically I *have* a serger/overlocker, but I am not gonna get *that* dedicated to patch-making.)

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