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(The Camden County Store is a little disappointing: previous "county stores" in my experience have been surplus stores, or exchanges of unused paints and other household chemicals. This is a paperwork store. Which, okay, is still better than having to visit downtown Camden.)

Adventures in business-starting: In Kansas, you could use any business name you wanted as long as you didn't do it to obscure the ownership (i.e. your bank and any licenses and whatnot had to be "yourname dba bizname"). Turns out in Jersey you have to register it with your county, which means going to the Camden County Courthouse. Or so I thought... turns out I can do it at the "county store" at the local mall. 👍

You can still see some bits of stabilizer in the seams, especially around the left horn base. The stuff is water-soluble, so you just wipe it off with a dampened paper towel. Most of it will wear away during trimming and assembly though so I wait until the end and then see if it still needs it.

More little dragon heads (still not on bodies). This one is made from the blue fabric I used on the applique eyes, and with a new slit-pupil variation on the embroidered eye. And a variant on the horns, too. 🐮

I embroidered this one with top stabilizer and it went better than my first attempt, but even so the tooth there is just not clear enough for me.

Avatar change!

Some while back, the topic came up and at the time the only picture I could find of Karen (from the Frosty the Snowman Christmas special) was the plush version. I like to use different avatars for different services/accounts so I don't confuse myself, but I don't have many selfies so when I started this account I ran across it in my files and went "eh, it'll do."

Occurred to me to go look again and yeah, there are screencaps out there now. And a writeup:

The glare kinda makes it hard to tell, at least on my monitor, but the top middle one is seafoam and the one to the right of it is kelly green.

The seafoam and gray (and white) were used to make the narwhals last October. There was also a lavender and coral but those got used up entirely.

Not sure what I'm making out of all of these. Dragons, obvs, but what else?

My cutting glove arrived this afternoon so I tried it out. Still need to replenish the ones on the right, am completely out of the cappuccino ("bronze"), haven't cut any out of the rust or tan. Still shipping: pink, lavender, and pumpkin.

(seriously just go in to a quilting store some time where there's a bunch of ladies waiting in line for the cutting table and mention that you've cut yourself with a rotary blade and YOU WILL HEAR THE GORIEST STORIES)

... ordered 100 more needles *and* a don't-cut-your-fingertips-off-with-the-rotary-cutter reinforced glove. ✋🔪🙅

I have a semi-complete rainbow so there will be non-McCaffreyan dragons as well, and I'll probably have another run at doing metallic threads on some of them now that I know there's a special needle for that.

Remaining colors I have: red, canary-yellow, black, gray, aqua, ivory... uh, that might be it, along with the purple and white I've also done.

Somehow I don't have an orange or pink, so I guess I'll be placing *another* fabric order so I can make pink/white/red/etc. Valentine's Day ones.

Okay who am I kidding of *course* I couldn’t go to sleep until I had all five dragon colors.

(If you’re not familiar with Anne McCaffrey’s dragons: Pernese dragons have compound eyes that are basically mood rings, so these are happy dragons. And they have kinda giraffe-type “headknobs” (although before the Michael Whelan covers THEY HAD EARS). Gold and green are female, bronze, brown, and blue are male.)

It probably says something about embroidery needle breakage that they come in 100-packs. 😬

The bad news: all of the remaining embroidery needles in Mom's stash were heavier-gauge ones, so I just installed my last-last 11.

The good news: aside from a whole bunch of wing needles (whose use I can't remember), there were also a bunch of Madeira-brand "metallic" needles. I had a moment of "but... all needles are metal" before I realized OH MADEIRA IS A THREAD COMPANY THESE ARE NEEDLES FOR METALLIC *THREAD* and this will probably make that metallic thread actually work. 🎉

I was gonna embroider a full set of five colors before doing the cleanup/hand-sewing/assembly part of them (and two otters and a unicorn) but the blue dragon got eaten by the embroidery machine and took my last needle with him so, mañana.

(Not *last* last, but I gotta sort out all of Mom's needles, an entire tin worth, and get the embroidery ones out.)

Gold, bronze, and brown dragon heads.

(*Just* the heads so don't click if disembodied plushies bother you.)

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Watching cartoons, and I must say that more measuring devices need to spontaneously explode whenever they encounter something off their measuring scale.

Power level too high for the scouter? Boom!
Rain gauge full? Kerblooey!
Calculator confused by dividing by zero? NaN-Pow!
Computer's clock not programmed for the next millennium? Y2K!

Oh, well, *there* is a fabric specifically called bronze. Alas, not available in any Jersey-side stores so I'd have to go over to suburban Philly to touch it in person (which is important when picking a fabric to make plush out of: metallics are a surface decoration that may not hold up to simple things like turning the plush right-side-out after sewing).

Gold green white,
Bronze blue brown.

Okay technically there weren't any white *fire lizards* that I know of, but whatever. (I haven't actually kept up with the Pern books; I think I stopped with All The Weyrs. So for all I know they come in all kinds of new colors these days.)

(JoAnn carries a sort-of minky, a double-sided thing that is even fluffier than the Shannon and I'm sure is wonderful for blankets, at least until they get washed. But it is slipperier and stretchier than swimsuit fabric, and I do not recommend it for plushies unless you have a high threshold for frustration.)

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