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@AesAthena We splurged on this lovely set (middle one is in the dishwasher from making cookie dough) from a local potter last spring for our anniversary. He throws really nice ware, right at the sweet spot between "this is so heavy" and "this feels too fragile to use." It looks somewhat gray on my screen but it's a robin's-egg blue.

@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder Well, true, forgot about that part.

I need to make a no-knead, I haven't done that in way too long. (In part because we moved to The Land Of Italian Bakeries Every Ten Feet and instead I got caught up in replicating all the beloved recipes from restaurants we had left behind instead.)

@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder That, or if you opened the oven at all, that can make a big difference.

I learned to bake bread in an oven WITH NO WINDOW and that really complicated things. (On the plus side, it was an electric that vented through one of the burners, and I could point a clothes steamer down the vent and pretend I had a steam oven. Too much work to do very often though, but it was interesting.)

I mean, I guess I have been calling it the *ice* dragon. πŸ˜”

National Weather Service: Very serious winter storm coming this weekend, lotta snow, polar vortex. Stay tuned.

Me: Meh. Well, at least a good opportunity to take pictures of my hopefully-finished-by-then ice dragon in real snow.

National Weather Service: Hang on, new info coming in. Yeah, it's gonna be a buncha rain. Then a flash freeze. High of 19 the day the sun finally comes out.

Me: πŸ˜’

(The little white "beads" are glass pin-heads, in case you can't tell. That's the mylar version of the face-ruff anyway, haven't decided if I'm doing a version with the same fabric as the wing or not at all.)

Pointy boi, alternate eye color (would have to get it in the next larger size, also yes I knocked an icicle-spike out of his face and loosened up some pins, it's all very work-in-progress here).

UPDATE: Amazon's note on the replacement shipping was "UPS will pick up the return when it delivers this" but instead my friendly neighborhood brown-truck guy knocked on the door today with a label in his hand.

Also I forgot to put the barcode inside the package, it's still on my desk.

Replacement hoop arrives tomorrow!

@mikeburns (Okay technically none of my machines are pink. Even the commemorative ones named for the king and queen are blue and *yellow* respectively. I have an Oscar, I mean, not both.)

@mikeburns The Wikipedia Husqvarna page calls it a maker of "outdoor power products including chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, cultivators, garden tractors, mowers, and sewing machines" so I am fine with calling my Vikings "power tools" (although I keep them indoors). One of the Vikings and the Brother is also a "CNC machine" and they're all 3d printers of a sort.

Not sure why they exclude half the market by making 'em pink.

@xxyxxyart It's always my favorite glaze color but I can never not think of this whenever I see it at a show:

@AesAthena I used to be like that. Had SO MANY bread failures (once I left the plastic wrap on top in the oven, things like that). I screwed up bread-machine bread on the regular.

I still goof it up occasionally. But it's still worth it.

@AesAthena Yep, if you're in a dry climate (or a forced-air heated house in a damp climate πŸ™‹) sometimes you need to add more water. It also varies with your flour type/brand; you develop a feel for it with practice. I also use plastic wrap under the towel (and usually spray-oil the wrap). But it will be fine. If the surface dries out it forms a "skin" so it doesn't poof up quite as much in the oven, is all.

In case you ever thought an embroidery machine was magical and did all the work for you, I am here to report NOPE. I could do all this on a conventional machine but I would have given up a long time ago if I had to keep doing the repetitive work (which, to be clear, I am teaching the machine to do on sometimes a stitch-by-stitch basis; the wings will not be identical, etc.).

Still not perfect but better. Gonna let this dry and start on the other wing before I decide if the booboos are worth fixing or if I should run this wing again.

The membrane fabric reads very differently depending on the light and background: iridescent reflective, pink transparent, or nearly invisible. I'd have preferred blue or lavender base fabric, but it's growing on me.

Some days I'm great about thinking outside the box and using materials in unusual ways. Other days I forget the basic uses of my fundamental tools. 🀷

New day, new run at the wing problem: didn't wanna run it on Ultra Solvy (which is water-soluble but very thick and difficult to rinse out fully; fine for free-standing lace where the residual stuff acts as starch, less fine for dragon wing), so I was debating about getting regular Solvy but the nearest store is ~30 minutes away.

And then I remembered that that's what the "top stabilizer" I use on minky is (different brand). πŸ™„

@ziphi Well, you'd think that after coming out as bi, then pan, and then as maybe-trans, that she'd have had enough practice.

And yeah, we came here from Kansas, and most of the family back there... well, let us just say that we all agreed that the name/pronoun switch should not happen until after we came back from Christmas.

@ziphi Related, though: turns out it is SOOOOOPER HARD to call your kid by a different name after that many years. Pretty sure it wouldn't matter if it was gender-neutral or another masculine name: I been yelling that name a LONG TIME. I have yelled it at the dog because it is such a reflex. (I have also yelled the dog's name at the kid, for similar reasons; the dog was approximately the same age as the kid.) So, make allowances. πŸ˜†

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