I'm having really mixed feelings about a counted-thread pattern (i.e. a pattern that designates every stitch for you) that's called "Color Outside the Lines."


(I have similar feelings about the Red Hat Society, which takes a poem about a woman wearing whatever the heck she wants and turns it into very strict color requirements.)

Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. πŸ’“πŸ‰

@redgryphon Depends on what kind of grapes, but: make raisins, make jelly, make juice...

@AesAthena Yeah, he was supposed to be more "snow/frost/ice" than "girly" but it's really not coming out that way so much.

I mostly blame the pink iridescent fabric.

@chengeling Of curiosity I checked to see if there were any Daisos near me and DDG helpfully told me where all the Dollar Trees are. Which is simultaneously exactly correct and entirely wrong.

Critter was just downright *peeved* by the time I got to the pink-and-purple eye. πŸ˜†

Eeny meeny miny mo.

(Pay no mind to the different expressions, just the eye colors. Thing's just pinned together, final head will be a little more... sculpted. Or at least consistent. And will have all its ice spikes.)

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Not sure I'll use the hotfix gems; they're mostly red, green, and (non-iridescent) white since I guess Mom used it on a Christmas project. On the other hand the gems I have are self-adhesive which means peeling the scrapbooking sticker off the back of each one, so maybe buying hotfix ones in the right color is worthwhile, I dunno.

Sis sent me Mom's Bejeweler (hotfix crystal thingy) which didn't make it into the car at Christmas, and also a bunch of other oddments... including a hot pink plastic ruler from a funeral home/crematory in Arkansas. Because sure, when you're providing services to the widow of a man who died suddenly from undiagnosed cancer, a hot pink ruler with the crematory name is exactly what you should give her as a memento.

(Seriously, *what*?)

Dan Reeder also did an ice dragon! youtube.com/watch?v=r4egndZ6uv

His videos (and blog posts) are fascinating to me. Someday I'll get back to the little paper mache dragon I have going on.

(who am I kidding my kid is gonna inherit a houseful of UFOs)

@AesAthena They're getting there. That's still the not-quite-perfect one (only the outer half done, and the middle digit's membrane needs reattached). I keep putting off tackling the wings again. SO MANY STEPS and so many opportunities to screw them up.

Knee spikes might also be Too Much; they tend to run into the elbow spikes. Might just leave the heel spike and call it good for the hind leg, since butt spikes would just be ridiculous.

The dragon feets usually have self fabric claws (see mastodon.art/@silverseams/1003) but I decided this one needed shiny toenails.

They're a little smaller than I would have liked, but the alternative was twice the length and that was too much.

It felt a bit big but I guess putting it next to the wing, it's not huge.


Pointy boi tail test. Vanes might be a bit much. Haven't actually attached the spikes or gems, because I gotta finish fighting with the tip of the tail that doesn't wanna turn. (Happily this upholstery fabric is *tough*; I have poked holes through lesser fabrics trying to get them to turn in a case like this.)

@hfrazey Subsidies, mostly. Lot of small Kansas towns (& surrounds) have *fast* municipal fiber.

Ironically, if you're *just* outside Wichita you're kinda SOL: the in-laws are within sight of downtown (okay Wichita is in a slight valley and they're on the ridge) but happen to be within an oxbow of the river where the cable company hasn't run lines. They have a cell hotspot and that's it. They could run a mast and hang a dish and get over-the-air, but it would get blown down in every storm.

Welp, went ahead and bought some of the pink-and-purple cat eye cabochons in the correct size for pointy boi, on the somewhat mercenary principle that Glass Eyes Online will repost pictures of critters including their eyes on Instagram and it's good advertising.

I also ordered a couple other pale colors that I didn't already have in case I like those better.

What's that? No, I am *totally* not stalling on tackling the wings again. 😬

@AesAthena It's really difficult to get an accurate picture of them, even with the "good" camera (the iPad). My husband keeps referring to them as the "green bowls" and okay, it's a slightly greenish blue but it is DEFINITELY a blue, don't @ me.

@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder Oh, yeah, I was gonna mention that. You're usually not supposed to break the crust and let the steam out, but come on, who ever lets homemade bread last long enough to dry out?

(j/k if you can stand the temptation, it really is better after an hour or two. I usually go for instant gratification myself because I AM A FIVE-YEAR-OLD.)

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