Trimming the Greater Sea Dragon preparatory to sewing the next hooping and I think I breathed some velvet fuzz and it's stuck in the back of my throat. 100% seriously contemplating getting a filter mask to trim upholstery velvet.

(Next hooping tomorrow sometime maybe; I have a field trip with my little preschool friends though.)

@starkatt @Canageek @DialMforMara Good point. I am often greatly disappointed by modern watermelon (to the point if it doesn't say Black Diamond or some other variety I know is good, fugeddabouddit), and maybe if I didn't know what it was *supposed* to taste like I'd decide I just didn't like it.

Current status: both cats stealthily hunting underneath the cutting table, so it's time to play the "Carpenter Ant, Parson Spider, Fabric Scrap, or Completely Imaginary Prey?" guessing game.

(The instigating cat also woke me up at 5am with what turned out to be a minky scrap but I fully expected to be a mouse. Not that we've had mice here AFAIK but playtime was definitely too extended for anything as fragile as a bug.)

Greater Sea Dragon hooping #3 (of 5) appears to have been successful. I mean, I won't know 100% until I do all the trimming, but all the seams matched up and I didn't sew the head to the tail or anything.

(Hey, that's a very real risk when you're dealing with a larger-than-the-hoop thing: the excess part is just flopping around and sometimes it gets tucked way under and you don't notice until you go to take it off the hoop.)

(Also also the fabric really does sparkle, though the silver sparkles are less bright than the gold ones were.)

This is also probably gonna be the first one with wired wings, just because of the attachment angle.

Eh, might switch back to the uniwing.

(Also yeah I dehorned it for the time being.)

@patricepoly It looks fine to me (so far).

Next time rather than pinning, try binder clips ( ) or, if you regularly need to do that kind of thing, Wonder Clips ( I used binder clips on fur (where pinning is next to impossible) and almost never use pins anymore. Had a coupon and bought Wonder Clips and they are even better (having a flat side for "down," and trading some tension for grippy bumps).

Also needed to turn/stuff the head to see if the sewing error on the muzzle was gonna be a fatal one, and obviously it was not. Muzzle was supposed to be pointier, but I'll accept an antelopian muzzle to go with those horns. 🦌🐉

The answer to “I wonder if I can do the taller dragon without reverse sewing it” (i.e. if I have to turn those skinny limbs) is “yes, ONCE.”

Today was *supposed* to be “rest my wrists because the CT is flaring up” and instead I ended up not only rassling with turning the thing but also “I’ll just stuff the head to see if the horn bases work” ended up just-a-little-more-ing until it was done. Aaaaanyway just need to re-run the wings and do the final assembly.

(also yeah glad I decided to mess around with another little standing dragon and not the greater sea dragon which has the same technique coming up on the remaining THREE hoopings, or I would be saying bad swears and probably starting over)

I have a whole basket of goofs like this, where I neglected to cut away the lower stabilizer before stitching the wing bones.

It’s repairable, but easier to just stitch a new one for now. Someday I’ll put ‘em on Etsy or let the kid fix them; some doll maker may want them for BJD wings. (There is silver sparkle fabric as membranes, the velvet gets cut away to reveal it.)

Now that it’s Father’s Day, I can post pictures of the snap tab I was making with that hologram vinyl: Clem the Grineer, from .

(the second hooping is the scary one... it *should* be downhill from here)

Welp: can't find my pointy tweezers (usually I use the hemostats for tweezer-ish stuff but they're blunt/rounded) so I haven't messed with the lesser sea dragon yet, other than to check the eye and yeah, popped right off. So I'll get some contact cement and try that out next.

Decided to do a little of the greater sea dragon (she of the five hoopings) and got through the second hooping. Not perfect, but fixable with a little hand-stitching.

Think I'll call that good enough progress for now. 😓

I guess I could work on getting the stabilizer (white stuff) out of the seams and if the eye stays on during that it’s probably solid.

I have an entire box labeled adhesives. What is 90% of it? Hot glue guns/sticks. What do I almost never use? Hot glue.

(I did use hi-temp when gluing Perler beads to cardstock for the LEGO Advent calendar, but that's probably been it for the last year or or three.)

(Yes my life is 99% "how can I glue X to Y" and is always "what to what? WHY WOULD YOU".)

Ohhhhh, looks like other people have had success with contact cement (which I also don't have).

@patricepoly I might, but really I think I will be waiting until the GEO folks get back (next Friday) and talk to them about appropriate adhesives.

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