@ziphi I misread that as "I am a fire lizard" and was like "oh, cool."

@AesAthena Yeah, the one I looked at in person wasn't so high-contrast (not sure if they vary or if the web photographer cranked the contrast), and also was a better match for the fabric.

I figured if I went with the wood shape I'd paint it black (maybe with some distressing to bring out the edges).

Although at this point I'm contemplating getting some plaster of Paris and making a dodecahedron mold and just straight-up putting it on a D20. 😆

(It is, after all, a D&D-specific silver dragon.)

@katwylder It's kind of the horse equivalent of wisdom teeth except they're little peg teeth that come in behind the canines ("tusks," which generally only males have) in the space where the bit normally goes, so they usually get removed.

I have no idea why they're called "wolf teeth," though.

I dunno. Slate is a little too... industrial? Maybe turned wood would go better with a fabric sculpture?


Something like this. Supposedly it only weighs two pounds, which really is not unreasonable to ship in the grand scheme of things, but I picked it up and it felt like more. Certainly better than the "wood shape" which is really light; I'd have to drill it out and put a weight in it to keep the dragon from falling on its nose. Would NOT have to do that with slate, I guarantee.

I guess I'll dig out the sandpaper and see what I can make of the wood, but I dunno.

Found a slate (IIRC) plinth thing that would work, but also would be A HEAVY ROCK to ship. 🏋️

I hate to just mount it directly on a flat base, but I didn't really come up with any great ideas for more sculptural bases. Found some polyhedral-ish wood shapes in the JoAnn clearance section, but they're just not speaking to me.

Guess I could just visit the friendly neighborhood rock shop and mount it on a crystal cluster, but that feels kinda hackneyed.

@katwylder As a kid I was extremely disappointed to learn that "some horses have wolf teeth" really doesn't mean what it sounds like it means.

Haven't found a suitable base for the silver dragon yet, so I made some flower bear kits instead. And haven't found the dumb washers that go with those joints.

Why yes, I used to have a T-shirt that read "Queen of Unfinished Projects." IT ME


It... actually looks better in pictures than it does in real life.

(also it is really not a midnight green, because that's a *very* bluish green and the whole thing that makes the green fabric unnatural is that it is so *perfectly* neither bluish nor yellowish)

So remember how I said every project goes through a phase where it looks like something COMPLETELY different? I have been noodling around with a golden eagle head for a couple of reasons, and the first time I test-stitched it I used the unnatural dark green and realized HAHAHA that's "midnight green" and I live in greater Philadelphia. This time I test stitched in the red I bought too much of and at first I was "haha cardinal" and then I cut it out and was like oh. No. Definitely scarlet macaw.

FALSE ALARM the silver upholstery fabric is back in stock, silver dragons are no longer an endangered species.

I really should be getting the final neck piece sewn and actually put it together but after that last failsew I needed to step away from it a bit. So I sewed a sample Overwatch keyfob and now am waiting for *that* to dry so I can take product pictures.

It's not fully stuffed yet (hence the nostril creases and the one under the left eye) but it is already developing *Attitude*.

The cabochon eyes are not strictly follow-me eyes but as deeply set as they are it still kind of has that effect.

So far today I have sewn a dragon neck that is (1) too large, (2) didn't have stabilizer so the neck fin flopped over like a horse mane, (3) this one that misses some of the spine points.


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