I was so excited I couldn't even take an in-focus picture.

(the title of my memoir, or at least a chapter in it)

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*sets aside notebook pockets, goes back to working on dice trays and bags*

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I keep thinking that dragon is from the same set as the unicorn (you can't tell in the black, but it has the same satin-stitch scrollwork) but it isn't, there's a more classically heraldic dragon in that set. I don't have that design, or any of the others in the set (you can buy them individually): urbanthreads.com/products.aspx

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I will never not go "oh this will be so cool on gold" and then "oh right this gold is so stretchy, ugh."

I should find a good gold vinyl though, I like shiny gold things.

(Clearly I hang around too many dragons.)

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Another near miss. Nicked the elastic (fixable), caught a fold of the lining fabric where it shouldn’t be (not bad), and the gold vinyl is bloopy (inevitable).

Update: there was another spool of that color. Usually when there are two spools I put them in the same compartment, but sometimes I don't notice.

I'm kinda curious how Mom ended up with two and sometimes three spools of the same color. She was a very organized person (I get the ADHD etc. entirely from Dad's side of the family), so I'm guessing she bought thread sets sometimes.

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Oh no the embroidery machine stopped, it must have broken the thread yet again.

Embroidery machine: Actually...

Simplified notebook pocket!

(Oversimplified actually since I forgot the lining...)

I liked this dragon with the intermediate color as fuchsia or magenta instead of orange, but since this was a test I didn't want to use up my magenta zippers too soon. Need to trim the bottom edge a little straighter (it's a challenge to trim it without nicking the elastic) and it's actually fine without lining, it does reduce the bulk.

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That unicorn has TWENTY TWO THREAD CHANGES. Every color of the mane has a light and dark color, and there is metallic in the horn.

Also not sure I'm going to make Take Two an organizer pouch; the vinyl makes it very pillowy. Might just make a wristlet, but then I gotta figure out how to incorporate both of of those sparkly cottons.

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Came out pretty cute other than the zipper goof. (Also I was remote-triggering the iPad and didn't adjust its orientation, sorry.)

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I am the queen of "eh, that's a little close, but I'm sure it'll be fine" followed by "THAT IS NOT FINE."

Also I just want to specify that the colors are NOT MY FAULT, I'm just going with the defaults on that design. emblibrary.com/EL/Products.asp

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Not sure I like the rose-gold vinyl, might just go with the straight-up gold vinyl. 🤔

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If you're going "not only is that not a dragon, what is the deal with the pink?" then I refer you to this: mastodon.art/@silverseams/1056 (again, if you're my sister, don't click that link)

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And yeah, I didn't clip the jump threads on the yellow. Which was supposed to be metallic gold, but I had a feeling that seam was going to be a problem so I didn't commit to the full metallic option.

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I am all about the rejects today.

This one I did entirely in-the-hoop, which means the embroidery machine does it all and I just attach fabric in between steps. It also means that if the fabric snags, it is 100% gonna just keep going and sew another inch or so before my slow reflexes hit the stop button. Or as in this case, sometimes the goof happens in between layers and I don't notice.

(CW: if you're my sister, don't look at my pictures this close to your birthday. Everybody else is fine.)

Okay, not bad for a first try; I'll make some changes though.

Probably gonna give this one to the kid who uses a black notebook.

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