@ziphi But so, so stinky! (They have some in the big zoo in Wichita.)

@jlbee It might be too far the other direction, and/or interfere with precision, but clear vinyl (either recycled from product packaging or by-the-yard) gets used when sewing phone/tablet pouches where you want to use the touch screen without having to take it out.

@randomgeek They're pretty famous. Someone ID'd the "Aunt Tifa" protest picture based on a fragment of one of them visible (though mostly cropped out of the meme version). kshs.org/kansapedia/kansas-sta

@randomgeek I would say "if you're near Topeka you need to go see the John Brown mural [and all the others] at the statehouse" but, uh, maybe not this week...

(yeah, between KAMsnaps, glass and safety eyes, talon beads, and now bead beads, I have a *lot* of compartment boxes. Time to order a couple more...)

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"I need to embellish this crystal/ice dragon."

*searches bead tin*

*finds no white AB beads*

*buys 6mm white AB bugle beads*

*loses white AB bugle beads*

"Maybe I tossed them in the bead tin already"

*searches bead tin*

*finds 2mm white AB bugle beads*

"That'll... do?"


@ziphi I think both are actually correct (unless you're specifically talking about, say, the US Navy and its song). The origins are vague.

But the food truck out back of the shop I just picked up food from says "Let's Taco About Your Next Event" and I'm like... no. Gotta be "'bout." facebook.com/MaPasTxMxBBQ/phot

(I mean to be clear I *said* I didn't and it would be an extra day to make and ship one, but also I have *never* had 3" rust dragons and it will lead to making a whole listing and stuff)

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Me: okay gonna not make any more dragons to stock the shop

Customer: *orders redwood mochi dragon and teal minky dragon*

Me: "Would you like to swap that for a rust minky dragon so they're the same fabric type?"

Me: *realizes I don't actually have rust minky 3" dragons*

re: U.S. Politics 

@ziphi (looks like it's just gonna be the one. I assume it's Kinzinger but haven't seen confirmation)

re: U.S. Politics 

@ziphi Quite a number of House R's have signaled they'll vote for impeachment, but I think they see (probably correctly) the 25th as quixotic and/or just a political message. I figure they'll pick their battles. A few will come over to make it bipartisan.

(Trying to decide if I'm going to allow myself to put any stock in the unconfirmed reports that there are enough *Senate* R's willing to convict.)

Spoonflower included an enamel pin of their little flower logo which, okay, is a little more attractive than the Fire Mountain definitely-a-logo pin that I got in an order some while back and if I end up with a third I think that's officially a collection. 🤷

The taco filling looks good (it's a short repeat but the pieces it'll get used on are small) but the tortillas are meh. The fat quarter is too gray and both are too dark. (Guessing at photo levels for fabric printing is kinda hit-or-miss, obviously.)

Gonna make this one with regular beige minky while I wait for Try #2.

@gavinr I'm using @pfefferle's ActivityPub plugin. It has managed to pull in comments from the fediverse and everything (though an anti-spam plugin will unavoidably try to block them; so far instances will retry successfully once I allow them).

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JoAnn sent me a reminder email (because, uh, I haven't gotten around to driving up there) and yeah, the fabrics are not in it this time. 😔

@randomgeek Right? Although the teriyaki salmon sounds better.

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