Ten new listings, all queued up and ready to drop at 1PM EST tomorrow (Saturday) at etsy.com/shop/silverseams Discount code is WELCOMEBACK10.

The two floral dragons are the only ones there won't be more of (I'm out of the floral fabric), and future dark lime dragons won't have a shamrock (unless someone specifically requests one, I guess). Except for the black rainbow mochi, I have more of the rest in progress already. So some quantities might go up a bit before the drop.

The pile on this is 1mm. Normal minky is 2-2.5mm.

(AFAIK the JoAnn fabric was also 1mm but it never explicitly said.)

Definitely ordering ALL THE COLORS of this stuff. 🌈

Okay, the first three fabrics (mastodon.art/@silverseams/1043) are listed in the shop. I also have more of the purple-hedgehog stuff on the bolt, gotta get that out and measure how much is there so I can list it as yardage.


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Behold: the greater and lesser sea dragons, and the silver shield dragon.

The greater sea dragon is very extra.

There's a few more pictures of all of them on the blog: silverseams.com/2019/07/10/a-s

My cutting glove arrived this afternoon so I tried it out. Still need to replenish the ones on the right, am completely out of the cappuccino ("bronze"), haven't cut any out of the rust or tan. Still shipping: pink, lavender, and pumpkin.

If you are into and happen to use minky, there is a *world* of difference between the brand JoAnn carries and Shannon's, over and above the *absurd* number of color options. fabric.com/find?SearchText=sha

Sadly none of them are really "bronze"; I have the gold and either taupe or cappuccino (I forget, and the distinction is too subtle to match to the screen). Really the "gold" is closer to a true bronze but I don't wanna use "canary" for the gold fire lizard so taupuccino it is.

Revised design. Wing/tail embroidery needs to be a more contrast-y color in minky this fluffy, but I'm happy with the design.

Yes, that's a one-inch grid on the cutting mat there. Dragon is *tiny.*

When I was a kid, my mother wanted a Singer monogramming sewing machine (the kind with mechanical cams and whatnot) but decided it was too expensive. Dad said she should buy it anyway. She said nope, too expensive. He said he'd get it for her for Christmas. She said if he did she'd monogram his underwear, right down the front. He did. She did.

Technically, it's not done. I need to finalize the stuffing, but I'm giving my wrists a rest after rassling with five cotter pins, even if four *are* minis. And then ladder-stitch all six pieces closed.

(And then clean up ALL THE CAT HAIR oh gosh why did I even pick up that piece of fabric wShite cats are magnetically attracted to that stuff)

But for now HI THERE!

Finally, the vampire owl joins the shadow owl, candy corn owl, and pumpkin own, and I can go to bed.

(No, I have no idea how a vampire owl works. I didn't design these, I just sewed 'em.)

Two hours left in the competition, so if you were planning to vote for me and my rainbow birb and hadn't gotten around to it, you still have time: spoonflower.com/design-challen

I can't remember now if I ever posted pictures of the original sun conure, but here it is. A test pattern in craft felt, with compromise wings (half spread, jointed so they pivot). I did post a link to someone on DeviantArt/Etsy who made one from my pattern; I think a couple others are out there.

The plan for the new parrot will be magnetic wings, so they can pivot but also so you can swap out fully-open to fully-closed.

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First fat quarter of the test print ordered!!!111!!! It kinda scared me when I first uploaded it; after all the rearranging I did trying to make all the pieces fit, it cut off the entire right side of the block. Then I realized that it defaulted to calico, which has a much narrower printable area than the velvet does. Whew.

No fancy textures yet. First I gotta see how the dotted seam lines show up, things like that. And I probably should have dialed back that GREEEEEN but we'll see.

Supposed to be hemming the curtains but instead I sewed son a do-rag to keep his wild curls from getting serious VR/audio headset hair.

Dear mastodonians: I am dumping some of my stash. If you want it before it goes to the local thrift stores, send me postage and I'll send it to you.

The box I'm currently unpacking has some panels: somewhat creased and wrinkled versions of marshalldrygoodswholesale.com/ and img0.etsystatic.com/124/0/5992 and img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/6531 plus a Midwinter Dream vest panel and yard of allover-print fleece, and a couple pillow panels for the deer one.

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