So I was stumped for a theme on the July sale, and fell back on the ever-popular "10% off a minimum order" but after I made the banner I realized that implies that that's $100 worth of dragons and it's not, it's just the first group picture that came to hand ($72 worth, as it happens). 😩

I should probably just edit the text and change the sale; all y'all should already know by now I have a permanent 10% coupon code (WELCOMEBACK10). (They don't stack, sorry.)

I still need to trim some jump threads on the golds, but I am building up a nice reserve of freebies for whenever sales pick up again.

If you're going to make a pink dragon, you need to really *commit* to the bit.

Ravenclaw dragon!

Also, first pictures with the new phone camera. Might continue to use the iPad for product photography because the default balance/contrast is nicer than this (the lettering on the right wing is *much* more legible than the picture here makes out).

Okay I have a whole round of pictures so when I have all the good ones sorted out I will put them in the listings and get allllll the new dragon colors listed.

I get that the increase in referer-hiding by browsers means that it's harder to give statistics, but I am *not* impressed by 's decision to stop breaking out traffic from non-Etsy sources. (I assume they're going to start charging for the privilege of seeing them.) I'd really like to know what traffic is coming from my blog vs. Masto and things like that.

Behold: the greater and lesser sea dragons, and the silver shield dragon.

The greater sea dragon is very extra.

There's a few more pictures of all of them on the blog:


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