Tired: staying up late for election results

(technically its wings aren't sewn on but NEW DRAGON FABRIC)

Fiiiinally got around to putting the lace wings on their respective dragons because, true confession, I had forgotten about them until I did the fuchsia dragon and was just thinking I should make some fuchsia lace wings too. Tried to remember if I had already sold the other lace wings and was like "... wait."

Gotta take proper pictures tomorrow and put them in the Etsy shop.

Two slightly different color selections going out to a couple of McCaffrey fans.

Gold, rust, midnight, mocha, emerald, and white baby,


Gold, rust, royal, brown, kelly, and white baby.

So I was stumped for a theme on the July sale, and fell back on the ever-popular "10% off a minimum order" but after I made the banner I realized that implies that that's $100 worth of dragons and it's not, it's just the first group picture that came to hand ($72 worth, as it happens). 😩

I should probably just edit the text and change the sale; all y'all should already know by now I have a permanent 10% coupon code (WELCOMEBACK10). (They don't stack, sorry.)

After eight or nine years, the Cameo has finally gotten to do what it was made for: cutting adhesive vinyl.

Test cut was better than expected: blade was a little low and dragged across the dragon's feet just enough to leave a mark. It was good enough to stick on my phone (but not good enough to clean the phone first I guess 🙄 ) to see how durable it is.

Me: *buys oversized light box*

Also me: *still has to shoot vertical to get all the dragons in the shot without getting the box sides in it*

I think I can fix that with one of the lenses in the set I got, soon's I remember where I put that set. Somewhere safe, I'm sure.

(Also some of these dragons are on sale; technically so is Love Dragon if you use the WELCOMEBACK10 coupon but that's a secret. etsy.com/shop/silverseams?sect )

Finally got the worktable lights plugged back in after rearranging the work room. Here's the latest iteration of the bejeweled beanie dragon. It has a slightly revised body shape, hoping to get a little more floppiness/posability out of the legs by making them thinner. It's only partially successful because the minky itself has some body at that size.

The embroidery also makes the tail kind of stiff - or maybe that's the dragonfly DNA.

How To Park Your Dragon

(I don't drive in downtown Philly if I can possibly help it, but if I did I would 100% park in this Chinatown lot which is guarded by a bunch of dragons.)

All four current generations: beanie (back), standing plush (front), "unibody" doll (right), full doll style.

Two of these shipped out today. Just the smaller ones though. 😔

If you're going to make a pink dragon, you need to really *commit* to the bit.

We had some snow today and then the leaf trucks came and vacuumed up the last of the fallen leaves so FINE, I'LL DO WINTER NOW.

I need to clean all the lint and whatnot off it (those frills just grab *everything*) and take better photographs but FOLKS, THE PURPLE CROWNTAIL DRAGON IS DONE.

So it's been bugging me since I made the snowflake dragons: it's not actually winter yet (despite that we had some snow already).

Four new dragons landing in the shop tomorrow, 11am EST. Trying a slightly different way to display the one-off dragons and their contrast under-wings.

Ravenclaw dragon!

Also, first pictures with the new phone camera. Might continue to use the iPad for product photography because the default balance/contrast is nicer than this (the lettering on the right wing is *much* more legible than the picture here makes out).

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