spider (but cute plush) 

Almost three years ago I made a plush jumping spider in the hoop, released the design into the wild, and basically forgot about it. Someone contacted me recently to ask if I could do a bigger one (answer: it's , you can enlarge it yourself) and I decided to do some variations for the eyes and markings. Here's the "angry" eyes and a pumpkin spot.

(Bold jumping spiders have irregular patches on their abdomen that can be yellow, white, or red.)

Me: *buys oversized light box*

Also me: *still has to shoot vertical to get all the dragons in the shot without getting the box sides in it*

I think I can fix that with one of the lenses in the set I got, soon's I remember where I put that set. Somewhere safe, I'm sure.

(Also some of these dragons are on sale; technically so is Love Dragon if you use the WELCOMEBACK10 coupon but that's a secret. etsy.com/shop/silverseams?sect )

Vinyl person felt bad about the delay so threw in an extra roll of vinyl: a wood print. It's pretty high-contrast, so I didn't really have a design that would work well on it. To the Batmobi... I mean, to Inkstitch!

Of course now I want to make a fairy-door notebook cover, which actually implies using one of the pastel vinyls and not this one...

Wasn't gonna list it until tomorrow but then Etsy lost my draft for a little while so I went ahead and made it live so I can yell at them if they lose it now because I've paid my fee. 😁 etsy.com/listing/708097877/han

Aaaaand the pattern is released (including the SVG source, so even if you don't have an embroidery machine but you needed a Pernese silhouette you can at least use that with a little editing to remove the outer stitching and merge the satin-stitched tail back into the main silhouette).


IN OTHER NEWS my new embroidery machine will arrive Wednesday. ❗

The cool thing is that there's an extension that lets me export designs right out of Inkscape, which is already what I use to design patterns. inkstitch.org/

Long boi is long.

Also black velvet accumulates a *lot* of lint. Tomorrow in daylight I’ll clean him up and take pictures again.

Teddy “bear” panther is built like a teddy bear, proportioned like a panther but his joints won’t let him stand like one (though he drapes over a tree branch mostly like one, other than his neck is still awkward).

I guess I should have tagged that because I

1) made the pattern in ,
2) open-sourced it, and
3) took the pictures with (which does a lot better at making up for the shortcomings of the hardware than the Samsung built-in app).

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