Something like this. Supposedly it only weighs two pounds, which really is not unreasonable to ship in the grand scheme of things, but I picked it up and it felt like more. Certainly better than the "wood shape" which is really light; I'd have to drill it out and put a weight in it to keep the dragon from falling on its nose. Would NOT have to do that with slate, I guarantee.

I hate to just mount it directly on a flat base, but I didn't really come up with any great ideas for more sculptural bases. Found some polyhedral-ish wood shapes in the JoAnn clearance section, but they're just not speaking to me.

Guess I could just visit the friendly neighborhood rock shop and mount it on a crystal cluster, but that feels kinda hackneyed.

It... actually looks better in pictures than it does in real life.

So remember how I said every project goes through a phase where it looks like something COMPLETELY different? I have been noodling around with a golden eagle head for a couple of reasons, and the first time I test-stitched it I used the unnatural dark green and realized HAHAHA that's "midnight green" and I live in greater Philadelphia. This time I test stitched in the red I bought too much of and at first I was "haha cardinal" and then I cut it out and was like oh. No. Definitely scarlet macaw.

It's not fully stuffed yet (hence the nostril creases and the one under the left eye) but it is already developing *Attitude*.

The cabochon eyes are not strictly follow-me eyes but as deeply set as they are it still kind of has that effect.

(this thought brought to you by this πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ moment.)

I guess the problem isn't that my thread-cutting scissors are dull, per se.

I just realized Inkstitch lets Inkscape OPEN EXISTING STITCH FILES so this changes ev... well okay, not all THAT much, but it at least means I can inspect other people's stitch files without actually stitching them out so that's nice.

While Inkstitch lets you edit graphics as normal Inkscape objects, and only turns them into individual stitches for export, importing a stitch pattern comes in as lines where each point is a stitch. So less editable, but not nothing.

Depending on how you group them, my product shots could be read as "I'm selling this can of Aldi-brand seltzer, here are some other household objects for scale." πŸ˜†

Poor li'l owl (and black panther behind it) sitting in Ready To List jail waiting for Etsy to figure out what's wrong with my ship-from zip code. πŸ˜”

Two shelves of all the solid minkys. (I mean, not all the colors that exist, have you *seen* the assortment Shannon makes?!)

Much better than digging through a tub, even a clear one, although it's still a little more folded-up than I'd like. And not at all sorted by color.

Round-thing-cutting practice!

(to be cleaned up and strung on ribbon necklaces for my Thursday read-to-smols time - there are ~15 3-5yo's in each class and trying to keep track of who has gotten to choose a book and who still has a turn to take is too hard for me.)

Not naming names but *someone* needs to practice cutting round stuff out more smoothly.

(Me. It's me.)

I put the big-eye-kitty face on the stash-panda body a *little* too large and ended up with a hammerhead kitten.

Better (yes, embroidery patterns look weird) but not gonna sew another one tonight.

... just realized it needs turned into a fox too though.

Did I work on the hand sewing yesterday? Nope. Did I work on Mew today? Nope.

Instead, I worked on getting some bookshelves cleared off and rearranged. And I thought to myself, "I'm going to take this tall one out of the living room where it doesn't fit, and use it to store my active fabric stash so I'm not burrowing through tubs of fabric.


(Karen's brain, ladies and gentlemen.)

Okay, I did decide to do a little "off the clock" work with the embroidery machine. My mother-in-law embroiders paper cards, which involves poking holes with a needle through a pattern, then hand-sewing floss through them string-art style. You can't sew paper with a machine (the tension on the thread slices through the paper) but you can sure punch the holes.

... if you're willing to keep punching "ok" every dozen stitches when it tells you to check the (nonexistent) top thread. πŸ˜’

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