Eh, might switch back to the uniwing.

(Also yeah I dehorned it for the time being.)

The answer to “I wonder if I can do the taller dragon without reverse sewing it” (i.e. if I have to turn those skinny limbs) is “yes, ONCE.”

Today was *supposed* to be “rest my wrists because the CT is flaring up” and instead I ended up not only rassling with turning the thing but also “I’ll just stuff the head to see if the horn bases work” ended up just-a-little-more-ing until it was done. Aaaaanyway just need to re-run the wings and do the final assembly.

I have a whole basket of goofs like this, where I neglected to cut away the lower stabilizer before stitching the wing bones.

It’s repairable, but easier to just stitch a new one for now. Someday I’ll put ‘em on Etsy or let the kid fix them; some doll maker may want them for BJD wings. (There is silver sparkle fabric as membranes, the velvet gets cut away to reveal it.)

Now that it’s Father’s Day, I can post pictures of the snap tab I was making with that hologram vinyl: Clem the Grineer, from .

I guess I could work on getting the stabilizer (white stuff) out of the seams and if the eye stays on during that it’s probably solid.

I am infinitely glad I opted to put plain white vinyl on the back side of this snap tab because I tried to cut it out from the front first and the hologram vinyl made me go cross-eyed. (Video cw’d because it’s kinda seasick stuff. Cool though.)

Longer neck, longer legs. Not an entirely accurate measurement behind them because of the angle (longhorn minky dragon is ~ 4.5" tall) but at least shows the difference.

That's about as big as they'll get without going to multiple hoopings, which the greater sea dragon does do (and which is why I have three failed attempts on it sitting in the failure basket now, but I learned some things from lesser sea dragon that I think will fix that).

The 80's called, they want this modified soldering iron back.

(I said no.)

So now it’s a sea dragon with... stars on its wings.

I am not good at sticking to a theme.

I have failed in my objective of getting both art-doll dragon slots filled: the little black dragon sold before I even got the other slot filled.

So there is no longer a "bat" lurking in the inventory box. 🦇

My "warehouse" was up to three plastic shoeboxes so I upgraded to someplace with a lot more space.

This is just what's listed on Etsy right now. 'Bout to add a whole rainbow of the hatchling size (a literal 6-color rainbow, plus pastels of at least some of the other Pernese colors).

The rainbow ones will have plastic eyes instead of embroidered or appliqued ones, so that'll be something a little different.

I'm kind of sad that Pinterest no longer shows you where else (or even if) other people have pinned the pin. The best I can see on my little black dragon is pins Pinterest's moronic algo think are close:

Haven't decided if the lighting was still good enough for taking pictures. Got late enough in the afternoon that I had to turn on the overhead lights, which may have worked better for picking up color in the eyes.

This "oil slick" fabric was actually what prompted me to make an applique-eye version, but then I came across the green/blue holo and those "pop" more on most of the colors of minky.

I guess properly I should have gotten an X-Men comic for scale, because I'm not sure any of Tevik's dragons are purple. But I *know* none of McCaffrey's are (to my eternal disappointment).

To further complicate things: it has aurora-borealis glass eyes, which the camera can either focus on, or can pick up color in, but rarely both. (This is the phone camera, so *never* both.)

Getting properly balanced pictures of *this* one is gonna be fun.

Also, not even gonna try to de-lint it until I’m done with it.

Pretty sure I could write off this arcade visit as plushie research.

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