Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. 💓🐉

Eeny meeny miny mo.

(Pay no mind to the different expressions, just the eye colors. Thing's just pinned together, final head will be a little more... sculpted. Or at least consistent. And will have all its ice spikes.)

The dragon feets usually have self fabric claws (see mastodon.art/@silverseams/1003) but I decided this one needed shiny toenails.

They're a little smaller than I would have liked, but the alternative was twice the length and that was too much.

It felt a bit big but I guess putting it next to the wing, it's not huge.


Pointy boi tail test. Vanes might be a bit much. Haven't actually attached the spikes or gems, because I gotta finish fighting with the tip of the tail that doesn't wanna turn. (Happily this upholstery fabric is *tough*; I have poked holes through lesser fabrics trying to get them to turn in a case like this.)

Pointy boi, alternate eye color (would have to get it in the next larger size, also yes I knocked an icicle-spike out of his face and loosened up some pins, it's all very work-in-progress here).

Still not perfect but better. Gonna let this dry and start on the other wing before I decide if the booboos are worth fixing or if I should run this wing again.

The membrane fabric reads very differently depending on the light and background: iridescent reflective, pink transparent, or nearly invisible. I'd have preferred blue or lavender base fabric, but it's growing on me.

I decided the Mylar deserved experimentation on its own and fell back to regular fabric for the wing membranes. Okay, not "regular" fabric, I still paid a visit to the Special Occasions section for some iridescent "children's costume" fabric. It's amazingly tough stuff despite its appearance, but it's also slippery and treacherous. The first time I caught extra fabric in the stitch I went "that's okay, I can just cut it away during the applique," but the second time was while appliqueing. NOPE

Glass Eyes Online had a big 2-for-1 sale so I got a bunch of pre-made cabochon eyes. I also had some older ones: a pair of taxidermy wolf eyes left over from a fursuit that didn’t happen, a variety of either taxidermy or (more likely) fishing-lure eyes that my MIL acquired at a garage sale, things like that.

The 10mm premade eyes are too small and the 14mm eyes are too big, but the good news is I have 12mm clear and the new laser printer does a better job of printing backs than the old did.

The bad news is, you gotta remember to scale your image when printing...

(Image contains a lot of eye contact, albeit not real ones)

(Don't mind the pinking-shears edges; unfinished satin edge frays if you even look at it sternly)

I only have enough Mylar (of each color, admittedly) to do the wings right the first time, so this is a test to make sure I can align everything right (since it gets sewn in three parts).

Not gonna lie, kinda tempted to glue the Mylar to wire instead (as is commonly done for fairy wings). No margin for error here (okay I can always order more film BUT MUH CREATIVE MOMENTUM)

Be vewwy vewwy quiet - I'm hunting ice dwagons.

More in the "stash is meant to be used" vein: I finally opened the sampler package of iridescent Mylars... buncha 4" wide, 3' long rolls. Will it embroider?

The answer is: yes, sorta. As you can see in the lower part in front of my thumb, a full-on 0.4mm satin stitch will punch a complete cut in the fabric which of course it will (an 11/75 needle is, well, 0.75mm) but a 1.2mm zigzag will hold together surprisingly well (will probably bump it to 1.5). I'd have to special-order a smaller needle.

The perfect is the enemy of the good: sometimes you have to use up that precious stash rather than hold onto it for *another* ten years "in case I think of something even better to use it for."

Also in case you wondered why there was already cat hair on the dragon in those pictures, I present my other assistant, Ramses. His tail is not as floofy as Olivia's (see yesterday) but to make up for it the rest of his body is slightly floofier than hers. I believe, but cannot prove, that he also sheds more. 😒

Look at this little dragon curled up on its pile of gold. LOOK AT IT!

But Karen, you say, why would you buy one of @quietsnooze 's little dragons when you are making your own? BECAUSE NONE OF MINE HOLD DICE is why.

(yes it should properly be the polyhedrals but the Fudge dice were closer to hand)

Tired: content warnings

Also tired: this cat who is shielding me from entire Masto columns. 🤷‍♀️

I have seen some amazing selvedge* projects, but this remains the most popular one.

* the edges of fabric as it comes off the loom; print fabrics usually have alignment checks and text there, the pile stops or at least changes there on pile fabrics, and almost all fabrics have sprocket holes and whatnot there.

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