Finally put together the bundle for tomorrow's shop drop. This is the last Whelan Pern dice bag (that supplier ships in Uline 🚫), the first Catch Me If You Can tray with the mountain background, and the previously-shown six-dragon set.

... and more glitter in my light box. ✨


*I don't think that one's going to hatch.*

*Ruth, call Jaxom, he's good with weird eggs.*

*... okay, _wow_.*

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(yes, I'm making jokes based on books written in 1972)

The listing is semi-live if anybody wanted more pictures, though the dice-tray ones came out a little harsh and I will re-shoot them tomorrow.

@silverseams (and I'm RBing it because I LOVE that reference)

@silverseams "The cat hair is also not included but will probably be sent to you despite my best efforts." *snrk*

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