My "banner" arrived! After having done this, I realized I could probably find where some game group has done this experiment to see if it works for making tabletop mats. I should duckduck around, maybe they've got tips on places that get sharper images.

I mean, this is pretty darn sharp considering it's supposed to be for a 2x3' banner. Even the teeny tiny lettering on the IG name is legible, if only just.

Sure, a less-impulsive person would have taken a picture of the full "banner," but I think we all know that's not me. I've already cut off the random-texture extra inches (which in hindsight I should have used for a proper RGB/CMYK conversion test, but I was curious about what a dark photo texture would come out as) and one strip of the 8x8 squares, two of which are already in the embroidery machine. BRB, gotta set up the next step on it.


Dark colors are the bane of most RGB->CMYK, but I gotta admit I didn't expect the blue of the Pennsylvania plates to come out so dark. It's hard to tell because of the gloss, but it reads almost black.

And, okay, it's a fairly dark blue on screen, but still.

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I guess the blue isn't *quite* as bad when I get it cut and laid out flat. And I went back and checked and yeah, okay, the font on the tiny IG tag is a weathered typewriter font and not as clear as it should have been for a teeny little tagline there.

Also, dear people who lived in PA during the time those plates were current: did you just go around humming a Randy Newman song whenever you were driving or nah? BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP

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