That's pretty much maxing out a 4x4 hoop, which is the smallest of embroidery machines.

My larger machine can do one twice as wide and tall.

And if you wondered how embroidery on that stuff was possible, behold the miracle of topping stabilizer. It sits on top of the pile (usually of a towel, if you're normal, or high-pile faux fur if you're me) and holds it down while you stitch over it, then when you're done it just tears away (it looks like cling wrap but feels a little more papery, and tears easily). It's water-soluble, so any bits that get left behind can be blotted away with a damp towel.

@silverseams Ah, that explains how the embroidery patterns were done on my darling squishable moths! fascinating~

@silverseams That is fascinating! I had noticed bits of remaining topping stabilizer on a plushie I bought, now I finally know what it was used for! 😄 Thank you for explaining your mad science.

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