Welp, I placed a big Wawak order for Madeira thread, which they say will be delivered... tomorrow?

This will definitely change the calculus of the "I stick with Sulky because I can pick it up locally and not have to wait for it;" shipping is $7 if I don't hit the minimum order but also I have to factor in the cost of my time (and risk, right now) to make a JoAnn's run.

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Got an update from FedEx: it did in fact ship today, but is already "delayed" until Friday which tbh is still *excellent* service. (All of FedEx is running a day behind around here, probably because of a lack of drivers. I haven't heard about the other services but I expect it's the same.)

FedEx updated their update, and says it's out for delivery today after all.

My only complaint: Madeira spools are 1000m (~1100yd) and I already felt like I went through 1500yd Sulky spools too fast (though nothing larger would fit on the machine and thread trees are awkward on home machines). But I could get used to this convenience.

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