The good news is, not *every* pet owned by my in-laws is literally named (see also: Piglet, Billy the Goat). The bad news is, every pet that isn't is named Max.

(Okay the two Maxes live half a continent apart, and the second one came with the name.)

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(Technically Kitty's name, the one she's listed as at the vet, is Lolita, but that was mostly a joke and SIL/BIL just call her Kitty. I tried asking all the other in-laws if they knew the cat's name and FIL suggested "Cat?" because literally that's all SIL ever refers to her by in emails, and finally just asked SIL directly.)

... I need a gingerbread dragon ornament design. 🤔

First draft (look if the dogs and cats can wear mittens so can the dragon).

And now I have ornaments for family members, pets... and the business.

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