Okay you know how I'm always complaining about how I can't capture the iridescence in stuff?



"Oh," I said, "the ring light always wipes it out, I'll just have to take a picture in the light box."


Standing it up helped, at least. Sheesh. Anyway, I made a vax card holder (basically an oversized luggage tag). It might be a little, uh, extra. Although you can't really see it in the picture, the gold side has a clear vinyl pocket.

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That's the *light* pink. I also have fuchsia. It's kind of terrifying. And purple, and peacock.

Actually I said the peacock wasn't cut, but I did use a smidge of it in the dice holsters. Which I need to finish and photograph and list.

Ooh, I also need to use some of that purple for that.

@silverseams purple. iridescent. unicorn. vaxx card holder.

:blobcatbongo: WANT (but have no money)

@stelepami Oh, those are just Christmas presents, not shop items. That one's for my niece but I'll make you one if you send me your new address.

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