If I ask tomorrow why my fingers are sore it's from jamming that one piece of twenty snaps onto the die. It takes a lot of pressure.

Also, kinda bummed that you can't read the "hoarding" tray when it's full of dice, because I feel like it needs to be full of dice for its product photography.

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I found the remaining die piece for the snap setter in the second tray of the IKEA rolling cart when I pulled it out to get a fresh needle for the conventional sewing machine to make this counterfeit K-pop merch. I knew it had rolled off the table at one point but didn't hear it hit the cart so figured it was on the carpet somewhere.

One of my nieces is into this band and requested merch which... there isn't really any? So I made some.

Here's eight more of last night's twenty snaps. I set one in backwards 🤦‍♀️ of the remaining four, so I gotta find a staple remover and pry it out and replace it.

And then I gotta set up the light box and take pictures that are in focus. 😒

@silverseams I love the embroidered text here! Very nice! Might want to pick one (or more?) up one day soon... If you ship to Europe, that is. *checks etsy*

@TQ Not on a regular basis, because the tiny plush dragons fall into the "toy" category these days (they're definitely not, but) and I don't do CE testing. But I sometimes open it up long enough for someone to order another item.

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