*carefully sets up the iPad to do a timelapse of the embroidery design*

*signs into iCloud to look at progress so far*

"Oh it's been a month already, fiiiine, I'll just get the code off the..." *reaches for currently-empty iPad stand*


Update: the 2fa was on top of the camera app. Was it still timelapsing? 🤷

Anyway I'm not doing the design again, it's 32,000+ stitches.

(this is not a video link it's a screen shot of the iCloud website, don't click it)
(you know I'm going to forget and click it later out of habit)

Yes it was still time lapsing, and now it's uploading. Gonna be a big dice tray

Not actually sure whether there was a break or not, since it kind of bounces all over anyway.

I didn't use the ring light on this, and I probably will need to for any serious stuff on this; the Janome only has a little incandescent work light.


Little bit of rippling in there, and I need to trim the edges of the vinyl but that's fancy knife work and I'm gonna tackle it when I'm fresh.

Forgot to put the die in for scale, but the thing is just a hair shy of 10x10 side-to-side, or 8x8 (the max embroidery size of the newer machine) rolling area. Kinda bummed that this design is too big for one of the valet trays.

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I bought another of the smaller, hex-shaped dice trays that the 5x7 machine can make inserts for; I made the sunken ship last time and if I still had it around to take pictures of them together I'd be tempted to do the non-sunken version even though it would crowd the edges of the tray a little too much.

I should note: they sell these trays with their own designs in them (some laser-etched and some ?silkscreened?) including a lot of interesting shapes: c4labs.com/product-category/ga

I'm tempted to get the heart one next and put the intertwined dragons in it (possibly not in the default colors though).

(the dice insert is a removable tray so the embroidery would be underneath it)

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