"How ADHD people write VS how we have to write."

The author has this as their pinned tweet (the original, this is one with alt-text provided):

I might need to pin that myself, to prepare people who follow me because someone boosted a plush dragon into their TL and weren't prepared for how I actually post...


I mean Ulysses is one of most "literary" books in the english language and it breaks rules and structures of grammar ALL over the place.

Or Alice Oswald's astounding "The Dart" which flows from voice to voice as a river moving towards the sea....

Language is a battlefield of power and conservatism around form is a way of rationalizing inequality.

Smash those walls proudly and don't let anyone ever tell you that you need to know the rules before you can break them :P


@Alonealastalovedalongthe I read someone (on birdsite?) saying that they were accused of using too many commas and they stopped using them at all and no one seemed to notice so, uh, I mostly did that too. I did used to overuse them in the "I paused here verbally though it's not grammatically a comma as such."

Now my overuse of choice is a semicolon. Pretty sure if I stopped overusing those I would start overusing periods or, worse, exclamation marks, so I'll just let them be for now.

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I once had a friend who got into the darker side of exclamation points.

One night in their basement tinkering with the perfect number of exclamation points before reverting to the more primal "1" on the keyboard to suggest maximum excitement they knocked a bucket of exclamation points over and caused a catastrophic chain reaction.

Nobody in a hundred mile radius was able to end a sentence with anything but an exclamation point for 6 months.


Writing obituraries was brutal during that time.

Fights broke out on the streets.

Many people that weren't trying to flirt over text accidentally sent flirty signals to others.

Lifelong friendships were destroyed from perceived passive-aggressive comments.

Nobody was hired because of unprofessional resumes and applications tho the major industry in the area was a birthday card factory so most were able to keep their jobs fortunately.

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