Technically my catchphrase is more often "I may have made a terrible mistake" since I have RAGRETS way more often but sometimes they work out okay.


I have definite doubts about my production schedule/goals. I have 28 dragons to finish by tomorrow evening, and most of them only have the embroidery-machine work done.

I might need to dial that down a bit.

Also: I now have the 4" dragons on the same scheme as the 3" ones, which is to say I do enough at a time to fill a 5x7 embroidery frame with the head stitching - 8 big dragons (4 colors) or 12 little dragons (3 colors). I end up with a sort of reverse hydra/Tiamat. 😆 (Or a bouquet.)

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I made a slight miscalculation (should done the wing applique yellow-on-pink; there are three layers of minky in the seams and it's problematic to turn) but I think not a terrible mistake.

Rosy maple moths have a yellow body and hot pink fluffy legs. But I resisted the temptation to do applique on the body to also make the outside of the legs pink.

(It's turned but not stuffed, in case you wondered why it looks weirdly lumpy.)

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