Left: No WSS removed before being dampened and blotted (and blotted and blotted) with a paper towel to remove the goo, still slightly damp but mostly clean. Afraid the goo will have dulled the glitter though.

Right: Picked over for 20 minutes with tweezers, not yet dampened to remove the bits.

I started a version without WSS on top, and the stitches disappeared down into the velvet too much and the fill stitches were ridged (both things WSS prevents). Design was intended for vinyl.

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@silverseams From that photo I can't tell a difference in glitter, but that's gotta be a tough thing to photograph (so of course you're trying to do it!).

I can see the WSS that remains on the right one and it would bug the heck out of me, but keep in mind that I spent a year working in an embroidery shop so I'm picky about that sort of thing. I get annoyed when jump threads aren't trimmed or too much backing is left on commercial embroidery stuff I encounter.

@stelepami Oh yeah, the left one is gonna get blotted. It just will leave the velvet less gross if I pick most of it out first.

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