So, uh...

I queued up the listings, but Etsy doesn't have a timed-publish mode. We'd planned to go to an outdoor craft fair (our first outing in a year!) and I'm like: no problem, I can manage listings on the mobile app, I'll publish them at 1.

And we browsed shops, bought a few things, had a spectacular lunch on the sidewalk (first time we ate out that wasn't sitting in our car), stopped for water ice on the way home... and Carl said "So, have you checked your sales?"

Me: Huh?

Me: ... OH NO

Aaaaaaanyway I published them two hours late, five minutes from the house. 馃槶

(we had a *wonderful* time though, and while it was all masked, all outdoors, etc. and probably pretty safe regardless, we've still avoided even that sort of scene and it was amazingly freeing to not be so conscious of "gotta stay 6' away," "gotta be eagle-eyed for That One Guy Who Won't Mask," and so forth, and I hope all of you less-sickly people get a chance to get your shot ASAP)


(also we petted dogs ONE WAS A PUPPY)

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@silverseams I don't think you caught it... I teared up a little. That was so amazingly "normal" compared to the last year, I almost couldn't take it.

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