Forty-some pattern pieces cut out for the sand dragon (upper and lower body colors). Forty-one pattern pieces left to go just for the horns and spikes and claws. has a lot of horns and spikes and claws.

The hard part now is going "okay now that I've cut out the pattern pieces and seen how they all fit together, I should just jump directly to cutting it out of the foiled stuff" and never ever getting back to the boring beige velvet version. (It's "tasteful," not "boring," Karen. Okay yes it's using up one of my least favorite velvets because it *is* a trial run, but still.)

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Fingers crossed I can keep all these tiny pieces organized. 😬

Also the tan ripply velvet at the top is the body fabric, and the ivory plain velvet is the underbody/inner wing fabric. The four horns, twelves claws, and two wing spikes (not pictured, two sets of spine spikes) are on dark brown.

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I was mildly surprised to see the tag on the velvet says "scaly velvet" because in my head that has always been "that corncob velvet." 🌽

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