Okay I was slightly off when I said the D60 was the size of a golf ball.

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(yes I was checking to see if any dice happened to match that new dragon and no, none do)

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@silverseams the color scheme looks like a new Minecraft block called gilded blackstone

@DialMforMara @silverseams what do you do with that? I haven't read the wiki on all the new materials yet, but found this massive bastion remnant like a decaying dwarven forge taken over by pigmen. I've got vast amounts of all these new materials and no idea what to do with it.

@WanderingBeekeeper @silverseams I think it just looks nice, like polished basalt. (I can't wait till we can make basalt slabs/stairs/walls)

@DialMforMara @silverseams I do have a workshop area with a stonecutter, a couple of furnaces, a loom, an anvil, and a couple of crafting tables, one in each of the two facing buildings. There's a wheat field that could do with a couple of days of me being in the village, and then I'll be able to do a bread distribution to the villagers. I've lost my shepherd, ironically, and the first cleric, new guy seems to be hanging about so far. Can't find the master librarian.

@WanderingBeekeeper @DialMforMara Build pretty things, AFAICT. Those and the various basalts look pretty neat.

@oddity Yeah, I was thinking this one was closer to D100-sized, but it really isn't. It's huge, but not *that* huge.

(This set was supposed to have a d24 and d30 in addition to the usual 7, and an extra d10 for no good reason. All the other colors do, but the black has d24/d60. 🤷 )

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