Bead store, during order processing: newsletter members, enter the number from your newsletter here for free shipping.

Me: abandons order process to sign up for newsletter.

Bead store: *does not send current issue of newsletter*

Me: *does not place order*

Update: turns out the double-opt-in newsletter page has a one-off free-shipping code. Which is probably in RetailMeNot so I didn't need to sign up for the newsletter, but whatever, I don't mind newsletters from my regular vendors.

Just ordered a few* more claw beads.

(*uh, close to 3,000. Because their bulk packs are ridic. Gonna break them down and sell the extras on Etsy)

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Sadly, they don't have nearly the color range that Fire Mountain has, so all I ordered was white (teef *and* claws), white luster, black, gunmetal, red, and AB. I'll have to go back to FM for more blue or gold or whatever.

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