Me, yesterday: Gonna finish sewing together the green dragon and then maybe take the weekend off. Don't wanna get burned out.

Brain, late last night: what if plushie dragon but CONTRAST WING?

Me: 😱

Brain: 😱

This afternoon:

Love how in that picture you can't actually *see* the little one's wing fabric, whoops.

(You *can* kinda see the underbody fabric, which is the same. Not sure how I feel about using it there.)

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@silverseams Would a beanie with these colors be feasible? I'd definitely buy one when I'll have enough money

@anaisfae Sure! I would also consider an art trade (although I get that shipping might be an issue...)

@silverseams Oh that'd be nice! (shipping isn't that much so it's okay) what would you want in exchange?

@anaisfae Uh... 🤷 A little Nightbringer print maybe? Or an enamel pin?

@silverseams A plushie is worth more than that! So a big print + pin, or two small prints + pin?

@anaisfae Well, plushie plus *shipping* maybe, which IIRC was almost as much as the plushie the first time, but if you're having to ship things back this way then I assume it's about the same.

@silverseams No shipping is cheaper here, as long as it's flat (it should be around 5€). Also you'll be making something that takes time, so the value is higher than a print or pin

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