When I got home after Christmas, I went to use the conventional machine: plugged it in, turned it on, nothing happened. Okay, it's on its second power cord because it's a portable machine and I, um, may not be the most fastidious about properly storing its cord. Well, I realized today I *really* need to ship the Valentine sea monsters to my nieces, which means I need to finish them. So I grabbed the embroidery machine's cord, plugged the machine in, flipped the switch... nothing. 😳

So then...

... I went to the manual, thinking okay the thing has been through a lot in sixteen years or however long I've had it, might be time for a new fuse. And then I went "... wait."

Plugged it back in with its usual cord. Flipped the switch. Nothing. Pressed the pedal, and the motor hummed happily.

... yeah, I've been using the embroidery machine so much I literally forgot the only thing that my non-electronic sewing machine does when it "boots" is turn on the work light... which burned out. 🤦‍♀️

(The embroidery machine has a super-bright LED work light and I *really* hope I can find one that fits the Oscar.)

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