I decided to run just enough of the neck to fit in the big hoop and make a test bust.

SO MANY FRILL SCALLOPS TO CUT OUT (I haven't even *started* cutting out the right side of the head).

Neck is too skinny for the big frilly head, but otherwise I like the way it came out. We'll see how the head assembly works out. But not tonight.

Head assembly is all hand-sewing, through four(!) thicknesses of upholstery fabric. It's... not going quickly. The head gusset is sewn in on the left side only, the chin gusset isn't even started. 😩

Also I sewed the ear for that side but am not sewing it *on* until the rest is done (because my thread already gets hung up on all the pointy bits), and I forgot to pin it in place for the picture. You'll hafta look at the previous post in this thread for that.

(also yes it's on top of the glass-cabochon-eye box because right after taking this picture I put the eye back in the box because I only have four of those and I've already lost *two* test-fitting them. 😬 )

(also also let us all contemplate the fact that in the course of doing a "quick fabric test" I somehow decided that an OPEN MOUTH was a good idea)

@melpsn Thank you. I am continually amazed by the fact that these dragons are actually coming out (mostly) the way they looked in my head. It took me over a year to bite the bullet and buy the PE-800 because I was sure I was gonna find out I had entirely unrealistic expectations of it. I mean, using it like you're "supposed to" can make neat dragons, sure, but that's already been *done*.

@silverseams These look amazing! I hope you post the finished work!

@Tybar Thanks! If I don't post a finished picture of something it's, uh, because I haven't finished it. 😬

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