Eeny meeny miny mo.

(Pay no mind to the different expressions, just the eye colors. Thing's just pinned together, final head will be a little more... sculpted. Or at least consistent. And will have all its ice spikes.)

Critter was just downright *peeved* by the time I got to the pink-and-purple eye. 😆

@silverseams XD It's true! The first one is my fave, like, I can imagine some li'l girly girl just going nuts over it.

@AesAthena Yeah, he was supposed to be more "snow/frost/ice" than "girly" but it's really not coming out that way so much.

I mostly blame the pink iridescent fabric.

@silverseams i like the first eye best on it's own, but i think that the second suits best the dragon

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