Sis sent me Mom's Bejeweler (hotfix crystal thingy) which didn't make it into the car at Christmas, and also a bunch of other oddments... including a hot pink plastic ruler from a funeral home/crematory in Arkansas. Because sure, when you're providing services to the widow of a man who died suddenly from undiagnosed cancer, a hot pink ruler with the crematory name is exactly what you should give her as a memento.

(Seriously, *what*?)


Not sure I'll use the hotfix gems; they're mostly red, green, and (non-iridescent) white since I guess Mom used it on a Christmas project. On the other hand the gems I have are self-adhesive which means peeling the scrapbooking sticker off the back of each one, so maybe buying hotfix ones in the right color is worthwhile, I dunno.

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