Makin' the overnight-rise no-knead bread mentioned by @qwertystop in this great thread by @katwylder
My last attempt at homemade bread baked into a glutenized brick. And next week me and my mom are making some more traditional bread (with kneading)...I sure hope this recipe breaks my curse!

@qwertystop @katwylder I let it rise overnight and then some. It doesn't look like the pictures--the top has these little crusty dry bits on top, it's not smooth. I'm in a dry climate, should I have added more water???? I only covered it with a towel to rise. It's doing a brief rise (proof?) now and then I'm going to slash the top and to pop it in the dutch oven 😬

@AesAthena Yep, if you're in a dry climate (or a forced-air heated house in a damp climate 🙋) sometimes you need to add more water. It also varies with your flour type/brand; you develop a feel for it with practice. I also use plastic wrap under the towel (and usually spray-oil the wrap). But it will be fine. If the surface dries out it forms a "skin" so it doesn't poof up quite as much in the oven, is all.

@silverseams HMMMMMM.
Yeah, I'm thinking next time to use the plastic wrap while it rises! The dough beneath the "skin" is just like I saw on the video, stringy and like THE BLOB.
Oh, I'm SOO relieved to know it'll be OK. Bread's done me wrong before so many times I was beginning to get a complex, like maybe I'm Just Not Meant to Bake Bread.
But no! IT CAN'T BE
tl;dr thanks for your reply. :D
1 minute 'til the oven!

@AesAthena I used to be like that. Had SO MANY bread failures (once I left the plastic wrap on top in the oven, things like that). I screwed up bread-machine bread on the regular.

I still goof it up occasionally. But it's still worth it.

@silverseams Maybe the thing I most needeto bake bread is a support group!!!

@AesAthena @silverseams lmao I'd definitely be in that group! it's taken me a lot of tries to get even the 'more basic' flatbreads to come out alright, and even then, I'm not used to predicting/accommodating for temperature and humidity changes. but it definitely gets more understandable with practice.

@vivaizix @silverseams @katwylder @quertystop
OK, we pulled it out and had some a while ago. The crust shattered across the kitchen, but the inside was a bit undercooked (going by Great British Baking Show's indicator, where if you squish it and doesn't bounce back, it's undercooked). I started baking it at 450 but smelled some scorching (just flour that fell in the bottom of the oven) and lowered it to 425, maybe that was it?
Still edible, though!
Followed this lady:

@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder That, or if you opened the oven at all, that can make a big difference.

I learned to bake bread in an oven WITH NO WINDOW and that really complicated things. (On the plus side, it was an electric that vented through one of the burners, and I could point a clothes steamer down the vent and pretend I had a steam oven. Too much work to do very often though, but it was interesting.)

@silverseams @vivaizix @katwylder Hm, don't think I opened the oven! Plus it was in a heavy Dutch oven.

@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder Well, true, forgot about that part.

I need to make a no-knead, I haven't done that in way too long. (In part because we moved to The Land Of Italian Bakeries Every Ten Feet and instead I got caught up in replicating all the beloved recipes from restaurants we had left behind instead.)

@silverseams @vivaizix @katwylder Hm, am wondering if this happened to me:
"Don’t mistake undercooked bread for bread that hasn’t properly cooled. If you do not allow bread to cool for at least two hours before slicing, it can appear soggy inside, even though it is done all the way through. "
We, uh, didn't let it cool for 2 hours, that's for sure!


@AesAthena @vivaizix @katwylder Oh, yeah, I was gonna mention that. You're usually not supposed to break the crust and let the steam out, but come on, who ever lets homemade bread last long enough to dry out?

(j/k if you can stand the temptation, it really is better after an hour or two. I usually go for instant gratification myself because I AM A FIVE-YEAR-OLD.)

@silverseams I think this might be it! We both had some slices and I was expecting it to go down like a brick (like previously undercook loaves I've made) but it was fine. So...round two, tomorrow! Just getting my water lukewarm then it's ROUND TWO.

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