Wait, this version of Mastodon doesn't let me search my own toots?!

@silverseams Not every Mastodon instance has search build and setup. You can by default search for usernames and hashtags. You could open your own public profile page, and search page by page.

@Ajz Luckily I knew the date range I was looking for, but that was a lotta scrolling. 😔

@silverseams Good that you found it. Apparently Mastodon has no extensive search feature to prevent abuse, I read (I think it was on a blog post comparing with Twitter features). It happened a few times that it took a rather long time to find my own replies from a little while ago. :blobnotlike:

@Ajz Mothership's search does "your toots + hashtags" by default, and I have gotten kind used to doing that. Here I'm more likely to be looking for a picture but this time I remembered some of the text that would bring it up, and... nope.

Although I then remembered I had an archive request waiting to be downloaded so I guess I could have searched through that.

@silverseams That reminds me, last week I wanted to find some of my toots, and I tried with a search engine (DDG or Startpage). I was a bit surprised to see that from one Mastodon account there were some results, but from the other none. So that was also not a viable workaround to search.

@Ajz There's an opt-out of search indexing which is probably what's doing it. I don't know if certain sites default one way or the other or what.

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