Little beanie dragons are fun (and as you can see I've cut some squares to make Valentine ones) but it's time to get back to toothpaste horses and rainbow birbs and such. These are a couple of wing tests that I got partway through and decided it looked like I was doing some kind of wedding dragon. (Which... could be a thing. 🤔) Anyway, larger piece is a full wingtip test in janky unironed remnant satin, the smaller piece is a single panel in "free-standing lace," a machine-embroidery thing.

I liked the satin version (aside from yes I would *iron* the satin for the real thing) until it suddenly said "corset" to me and now, hmm.

The lace could be interesting, but I think it's going to take some work before the background doesn't look like netting. I think I'd rather get some chiffon (which is why I got the color test on chiffon from Spoonflower... the technology is all coming together slowly).

"Free-standing lace" on an embroidery machine (or a regular sewing machine, for that matter, but that would be tedious) is where you take a heavy version of the water-soluble stabilizer (basically feels like a thin rubber sheet), sew all over it in overlapping lines (usually a grid), and then sew satin stitch around it to bind the edges. Then you run the whole thing under warm water to dissolve the stabilizer into goo, and the threads are hopefully interlocked enough to make "lace."

Also every one of my pictures is just gonna be full of minky bits. This is my life now. 😒

@silverseams I assume if wedding dragons are totally a thing at Targaryen events

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