Computer-aided sewing!

Did a hind-legs set in red suede (which will match one of the spare wing sets) which went well, then crossed my fingers and did a front-legs set on the pre-printed fabric which went... almost as well. Got a little out of alignment at the end (on the left) but didn't go completely off the (pre-cut) fabric. It's good enough for the gradient print (which extends to the edges), but I'll have to be more precise when I have fully-colored faux-contour stuff.

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Need to sew toothpaste's hind legs now, and then inset the hooves, turn and stuff, finish sewing the body (on the conventional machine), turn and stuff and then assemble it all, and then build the wings.

The magic plotter-sewer-machine does a lot of work but there's still a "draw the forking owl" step there. 😆

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